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Also, if it's hard to do with the cable box (I don't know if it is or not),
and if your TV  has a cablecard slot, you could have comcast switch out your
cablebox for a cablecard in the TV.  This lets you use your TV remote to
control channel changing, etc., and many newer TV remotes now have a button
to toggle SAP mode.
I have to say though usually only larger more expensive HD TVs have a
cablecard slot.


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No. Just use your cable box's manual to set your reception to Secondary
Audio Programming or SAP. 

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Thanks Sila!  Question, for anyone, are we suppose to set our televisions on
a certain channel?

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While I know our TVs aren't always accessible, I think it's very important
to celebrate the hard work that got us to this point. God bless the hard
working advocates who kept on!!! See below and enjoy!!!

ALERT!--Coming Soon to a TV Near You!
July 1st Starts New Era in Described Programming:
See If Your Favorite Shows are on the List!
For further information, contact:
Mark Richert, Esq.
Director, Public Policy, AFB
(202) 469-6833


Beginning Sunday, July 1, the landmark provisions of the Twenty-First
Century Communications
and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) requiring the nation's leading networks
to provide
a combined total of at least 450 hours of described video programming per
quarter will come to life. Consumers are encouraged to begin asking their
local broadcast
stations and cable providers about accessing the described programming to be
In addition, given that information about which programs are to be described
the means for accessing description can sometimes be difficult to obtain,
the Federal
Communications Commission
(FCC) has recently launched a web resource to help consumers navigate
program choices,
the technical means for accessing description via digital TV and/or cable
set top
box, and the FCC's complaint process for consumers to use to resolve
network, station,
or cable provider failure to put described programming in consumers' hands.
the FCC's web resource at:
An independent but more memorable web address can also be used to be
directed to
the FCC's site; this more user friendly address is:
Congratulations to the many advocates and organizations who have labored so
for this historic expantion of TV programming accessibility. Our community's
in this area is an integral part of our ongoing effort to ensure that people
vision loss of all ages can enjoy full participation in American life.
Director, Audio Description Project
American Council of the Blind
 -- 202 467-5083

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