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No. Just use your cable box's manual to set your reception to Secondary Audio 
Programming or SAP. 

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> Thanks Sila!  Question, for anyone, are we  suppose to set our televisions on 
> a certain channel?
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> Subject: [tabi] July 1st Starts New Era in Described Programming
> While I know our TVs aren't always accessible, I think it's very important to 
> celebrate the hard work that got us to this point. God bless the hard working 
> advocates who kept on!!! See below and enjoy!!!
> Sila
> ALERT!--Coming Soon to a TV Near You!
> July 1st Starts New Era in Described Programming:
> See If Your Favorite Shows are on    the List!
> For further information, contact:
> Mark Richert, Esq.
> Director, Public Policy, AFB
> (202) 469-6833
> MRichert@xxxxxxx
> mailto:mrichert@xxxxxxx
> Beginning Sunday, July 1, the landmark provisions of the Twenty-First Century 
> Communications
> and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) requiring the nation's leading networks to 
> provide
> a combined total of at least 450 hours of described video programming per 
> calendar
> quarter will come to life. Consumers are encouraged to begin asking their 
> local broadcast
> stations and cable providers about accessing the described programming to be 
> provided.
> In addition, given that information about which programs are to be described 
> and
> the means for accessing description can sometimes be difficult to obtain, the 
> Federal
> Communications Commission
> (FCC) has recently launched a web resource to help consumers navigate program 
> choices,
> the technical means for accessing description via digital TV and/or cable set 
> top
> box, and the FCC's complaint process for consumers to use to resolve network, 
> station,
> or cable provider failure to put described programming in consumers' hands. 
> Visit
> the FCC's web resource at:
> http://www.fcc.gov/encyclopedia/video-description
> An independent but more memorable web address can also be used to be directed 
> to
> the FCC's site; this more user friendly address is:
> http://www.VideoDescription.info
> Congratulations to the many advocates and organizations who have labored so 
> long
> for this historic expantion of TV programming accessibility. Our community's 
> achievement
> in this area is an integral part of our ongoing effort to ensure that people 
> with
> vision loss of all ages can enjoy full participation in American life.
> Director, Audio Description Project
> American Council of the Blind
> jsnyder@xxxxxxx
>  -- 202 467-5083
> www.acb.org/adp

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