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Dear Selah, hi. This is Dale Petersen. It's been a while since I seen you – 
probably William Benjamin's party. Itwas the Christmas party, last year, I 
believe. Anyway I received this email this morning, and I am The content 
and/origin of the topic you are discussing two members.please include me about 
faint "training" and the allegorical reference of ignorance, Evil and 
indifference. I would be honored, if my Pinion or input isconsidered. 
Sincerely, Dale

Dale E. Petersen, Jr

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> > Dear all,
> >                There have been some comments that the answer to the issue
> > of discrimination because of the use of a guide dog is more training. Though
> > I agree that training should be an essential element, such training should
> > be done before law enforcement and security have direct citizen contact, not
> > as the resolution of discrimination! When such discrimination occurs,
> > though, disciplinary action must include a binding agreement that includes
> > additional training and specific injunctions.
> > 
> >                I want to remind you that this discrimination was not,
> > contrary to the minimizations of the Secretary of State's office, the result
> > of the actions of one security officer. It was not even the result of the
> > actions of two or three security officers. It was perpetrated by six
> > officers, one of whom admitted he was the supervisor who had ordered the
> > actions of the others. When I spoke with Darren Fancher who told me he
> > oversees the security contractors for the Florida Department of  management
> > Services DMS), he first said he was unaware of the incident; then he said he
> > might have heard something about it; and then he advised me he had ordered a
> > full investigation! All I can say is that he did a lot of work in the three
> > minutes he was on the telephone with  me!
> > 
> >                During our demonstration on Friday, at least five members of
> > the general public stopped to ask about the purpose of our demonstration.
> > When we told them of the discrimination levied by the security officers they
> > were astonished that such discrimination is still occurring. Now, if members
> > of the general public are aware of the laws that provide our rights of
> > access, how can we excuse the actions of those who have a greater
> > responsibility to the public on matters of law? Some of you may not be aware
> > that the state of Florida passed the first legislation concerning the right
> > of access for a blind person to public places with a guide dog in 1949, 65
> > years ago! The Americans with disabilities Act  has been in effect since
> > 1990, 24 years! The laws of the state of Florida are in every library and
> > MyFlorida.com and implementing regulations of the ADA are published in the
> > Federal Register and are readily available on the Department of Justice
> > website, as well as on the NAGDU website and a number of other sites. Oh,
> > and did I mention there's now an app for that?
> > 
> > During the period of July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014, the NAGDU Information and
> > advocacy Hotline receive  1,063 calls from individuals seeking information
> > about the rights and responsibilities of service dog users or seeking
> > assistance because of discrimination. While on my way to Tallahassee, I took
> > a call to the hotline from an individual in Kissimmee who is being told he
> > cannot ride in a taxicab with his dog. This list has seen news reports about
> > hotels, restaurants, hospitals, convenience stores, doctor's offices, and
> > theaters denying access to service dog users. When are we going to say we
> > will no longer tolerate discrimination? When are we going to demand that law
> > enforcement and security officers licensed by the state receive effective
> > training so that, when we do call them for assistance because of
> > discrimination we are not dismissed with the same old excuse that this is a
> > civil matter when we know it is criminal? When are we going to call the
> > State's Attorneys to task for sweeping the law under the rug and sending the
> > message that they are not interested in securing our  civil rights by 
> > failing
> > to prosecute offenders? When will we demand that the state of Florida
> > demonstrate the right way to handle discrimination is to take swift,
> > decisive, and effective measures to punish those who violate the law and our
> > civil rights? Well, the national Federation of the Blind and the National
> > Association of guide dog Users made that decision some time ago! Now, it is
> > up to the grassroots members - you and me - to see it to the end! The
> > National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the
> > characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the
> > expectations of blind people because low expectations are the barriers that
> > stand between us and our dreams.
> >                This issue is not about one person being harassed because of
> > her guide dog! It is about the state of Florida dismissing us until we asked
> > the media to tell the story of state-sponsored discrimination against us! If
> > we had not pressed the issue, it would have been ignored! Every citizen of
> > the state and of the nation should be concerned about this because this sort
> > of discrimination erodes the very fabric of freedom on which our society is
> > built. Until everyone who reads this message gets out from behind their
> > computers and stands on the barriers with us, we will continue to face
> > discrimination and low expectations. We are a powerful organization only
> > when we stand together against injustice. I encourage you to join me as we
> > work together to remove the barriers that stand between blind people and our
> > dreams!
> > 
> > Fraternally yours,
> > Marion Gwizdala, President
> > National Association of Guide Dog Users Inc.
> > National Federation of the Blind
> > 
> > High expectations create unlimited potential for the blind!

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