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I thinik you are ascribing evil intent where there is merely ignorance or, at worst, indifference. Both are problems that need to be addressed appropriately. The problem with approaching ignorance as though it were evil intent is that people who are objective enough to recognize the difference won't take you seriously.

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Here is my opinion on the matter.  I think more training is a pure waste of time, and money. The public has made it's decision that they want to try, and push to see how far they can take us back from the gains we have made as a community.  They want to go back to the days when Blind people had no rights, and were pushed to the edges of the general society.  I think that if an issue arises like this in the future we should play hard ball.  We have been begging long enough, and we need to just go ahead quietly and in order call the law and get them involved.  We are being tested to see if we ourselves even know the laws that we use to defend ourselves. Everything is a training, and in the end, it's money, and time wasted.  How long have we been doing this now?  Time to hit back and hit back hard too. 

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