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Hi, Charles
I will never say anything about nothing is said to you on this list any more. 
You could have given me enough respect and call me with this issue. I thought 
we had a friendship to conduct this matter in a different way.
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  Ms. Yvonne,

  I met Chip back in the late seventies (maybe thirty at least years a go)


  We're more than comfortable in verbal exchanges ongoing.

  We have not always understood each other, but,

  we went to FSU together and learn to respectfully regard  and support one 
another's best interest..

  Thanks for the concern but,

  I can assure you,

  Chip and I ain't got no problems because of anything that's been said here on 
TABI or,

  stemming from any other idea, time, or place!

  He is a man of integrity!

  I trust him to tell it like he sees it to anyone any time and not because of 
any reason except that he feels, or, finds his response to be the one it should 
be, contingent upon a foregone issue, conclusion, or matter needing his input.

  He is one of the most giving human beings I've met of his voluminously 
wholesome wisdom and knowledge and I value how he sees or feels about the 
things I have witnessed him deal with here on TABI.

  Allow him to,

  and he will always answer when you call in need of assistance.

  I know this!

  It is his calling!

  We're good!


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    Here we go once again Chip it seems like I said before when Charles post 
something you blow it down. I know that you might not post this and you might 
take me off the list but when I read something I have the right to give my own 
thoughts. There have been some
    important issues posted and I have learned something's from the different 
post as well but when Charles say something there is always a comment from you. 
I know that you are the moderator but give the man a brake. And Charles I know 
that we have to be humble but not all of the time hold your end up and keep on 
going you are to intelligent to let you integrity taken away from you.
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      It was just one of those,

      everyday commonly dynamic diversions or alludings used just for the 
purpose of blowing up the point of having our eyes tested!

      Not actually factual!


      I just don't want anything with such public exposure discrediting the 
good quality and talents surviving and functioning in our population.

      Thanks Chip!


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        Hi Charles,

        Well, it's my opinion that this *may* be the case (80% of learning is 
visual), but it doesn't *have* to be the case.

        something like saying 80% of the miles you travel are in a private car; 
however, if you don't own a private car, then the miles you travel will be on a 
bus, or walking, or some other way of getting there, but you'll still get 
there.  you'll do what you have to, in order to get there.



        Chip Orange
        Database Administrator
        Florida Public Service Commission

        (850) 413-6314

         (Any opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not 
necessarily reflect those of the Florida Public Service Commission.)

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          The commercial, in which the kid calls the kitty, and, the dog growls,

          I heard the guy say:

          eighty percent of a child's learning occurs through the eyes?

          If this is really so,

          how is it these people on Tabi that's been blind since childhood,

          so amazingly,


          Was there a study covering this?


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