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No it is not a grant. It is a company that gave them the cambers and in
return they the company gets a piece of the action. They make money off of
each ticket. I know this I was listening to it on WFLA 100.7 and I think
WFLA got the places where they are going to be at, up on their Web site.

JP ( Joe Plummer)

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Intersection Cameras    Hi everyone,
I don't know where they are--and according to the new report I heard--the
city isn't done with that.
Hmm; couldn't they get Star Metro out of Steel Plaza and make sure the buses
will go into Governor Square Mall?  Couldn't they add more sidewalks to make
the city a friendlier place for pedestrians of all ages?
Yeah, I know; they probably got a special grant for the cameras.
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