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Hi there. I hope everyone is doing well these days. I wanted to share some 
information with you that one of our O&M Specialists, Stacie Davis, recently 
put together for the Lighthouse’s Fall newsletter. The information follows my 
signature and is also attached. I hope it is helpful to you. 


Evelyn Worley, COMS, CVRT
Assistant Director

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Mobility 101: What’s Up With CK Steele Plaza?

For bus travelers, it may be helpful to understand the new layout of the CK 
Steele Plaza, located on 111 West Tennessee Street, bordered by Call Street on 
the south, Adams Street on the east, and Duval Street on the west.

C K Steele Plaza has two main structures that are open areas that have 
coverings to protect those waiting for their buses from the rain and the sun. 
Gates are located around these structures. Gates are areas that buses are 
assigned to go so that riders know where to wait for their desired bus. The 
gates are located on the outer edges of the structures so that the buses can 
pull in to their assigned gates. The gates are differentiated by numbers, which 
increase in value as one travels around the edge of the structures in a 
clockwise direction.

The information center, as well as restrooms and vending machines, is located 
in the middle of the structure to the south of Tennessee Street. At the 
information center, one can purchase bus/transfer tickets and passes and 
inquire about routes. There are also maps available at the information center. 
Gates surround the information center, restrooms, and vending machines. Gates 
surrounding the information, restrooms, and vending machines includes the 
following: 1, 3, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

To the south of the structure with the information center and across the center 
driveway is the other main structure which is also covered. This structure 
consists mainly of gates. Gates around this structure include the following: 
15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22. To the south of this structure is Call 
Street. There is one gate, Gate 24, that is separated from the two structures 
described. This gate is located across Adams Street.

The following are the buses assigned to each gate upon entering CK Steele Plaza.

Gate 1: Canopy (eastbound)

Gate 3: Canopy (westbound)

Gate 11: Moss (southbound); Route 5 (southbound)

Gate 12: Evergreen (eastbound)

Gate 13: Moss (northbound); Route 5 (northbound)

Gate 14: Dogwood (southbound)

Gate 15: Azalea (westbound); Route 1 (westbound)

Gate 16: Big Bend (northbound); Route 2 (northbound)

Gate 17: Evergreen (westbound)

Gate 18: Route 2 (southbound)

Gate 19: Dogwood (northbound); Route 1 (eastbound)

Gate 20: Azalea (eastbound)

Gate 21: Forest (northbound)

Gate 22: Big Bend (southbound)

Gate 24: Southwood Express (eastbound)

If you have further questions about bus travel or any other orientation and 
mobility concerns, please contact the Lighthouse’s Certified Orientation and 
Mobility Specialists, Evelyn Worley and Stacie Davis, at (850) 942-3658 
<tel:%28850%29%20942-3658> , eworley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  or 
sdavis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .






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