[tabi] Re: I'm getting dizzy..can you help, perhaps?

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that's quite normal.  Sometimes attending balance therapy sessions helps.  You 
can get this prescribed by your Doctor. 
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  Hello, all:

  I've now been blind for almost two years now and so far I'm handling the 
mobility and orientation pretty well but sometimes I get really dizzy.
  I know that my brain is trying to fill in the holes it's missing since losing 
my sight.  I can handle those weird images most of the time:  cars driving by, 
trees passing me, even hovering above parks and houses like superman..but 
sometimes those images begin to spin uncontrollably and when I'm walking I 
literally begin to tip over.  It's weird and strange and sometimes I think it's 
going to hinder me from even leaving my apartment.
  Has or does this happen to anyone?  My doctor told me it's called a type of 
syndrome but if it's my brain, how do I stop it?  Nothing's worked so far.
  Any help for something like this?  I hope so.
  Thank you for any responses.

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    Subject: [tabi] RFB&D Free Service

              I use RFB&D for my textbooks, and before I could use the service 
on my Victor Reader, I had to purchase a User Authorization Key.  That might be 
where the $10 comes in.  Just an observation, but you might want to call to 
find out for sure.


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