[tabi] Re: I'm getting dizzy..can you help, perhaps?

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Hi Christopher,

I don't ever think I've heard of dizziness as being caused directly by lack
of sight.

I did do a google, and what I found were a long list of conditions which
caused both blindness and dizziness (such as Neurofibromas), since you
didn't say what your loss of sight was due to, maybe it's related to the
dizziness as well?

If you have a cause for your loss of sight that's not at all associated with
dizziness, I'd consider talking to your doctor again, just to be safe, and
get checked out for other causes of dizziness.

If it really is caused just by your lack of visual input, then I'd guess
that it will go away as you get practice in moving around without your

I know that balance therapy is available to anyone who has trouble keeping
their balance for any reason; it's a kind of physical therapy; you could ask
your doctor about it.

good luck,



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Hello, all:
I've now been blind for almost two years now and so far I'm handling the
mobility and orientation pretty well but sometimes I get really dizzy.
I know that my brain is trying to fill in the holes it's missing since
losing my sight.  I can handle those weird images most of the time:  cars
driving by, trees passing me, even hovering above parks and houses like
superman..but sometimes those images begin to spin uncontrollably and when
I'm walking I literally begin to tip over.  It's weird and strange and
sometimes I think it's going to hinder me from even leaving my apartment.
Has or does this happen to anyone?  My doctor told me it's called a type of
syndrome but if it's my brain, how do I stop it?  Nothing's worked so far.
Any help for something like this?  I hope so.
Thank you for any responses.

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                  I use RFB&D for my textbooks, and before I could use the
service on my Victor Reader, I had to purchase a User Authorization Key.
That might be where the $10 comes in.  Just an observation, but you might
want to call to find out for sure.



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