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  • From: Lynn Evans <austin.evans60@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2013 16:05:36 -0400

Invasive tracking on mobile gadgets

Users got more than an improved Siri and the new Passbook app when they 
upgraded to iOS 6. Apple's latest mobile OS has given advertisers a brand new 
way to track your Web surfing.

It's called Identifiers for Advertisers, or IFA. When you upgrade your existing 
gadget - or buy a new iPhone 5 - that gadget will be assigned a random IFA 
number. When you look at a Web page or an app, advertisers see your number and 
the site you were browsing.

Once they know that, it suddenly becomes easy for them to target ads directly 
to you.

Apple hasn't advertised this feature much, so not many people know how to turn 
it off. Plus, the setting isn't where you'd expect.

You have to go to Settings>>General>>About>>Advertising. Look for the section 
labeled "Limit Ad Tracking."

Confusingly, by default this is set to Off. In order to stop advertisers from 
seeing your unique number, you have to switch the slider to On.

Advertisers have tons of annoying ways to track you online. Here are three more 
ways you can opt out.

Tracking cookies can tell advertisers tons of information about your browsing. 
Protect your browser from them.
Some advertisers give you a way to opt-out of tracking automatically. I'll show 
you how.
Obnoxious pop-up ads are often a sign of a virus. Stop viruses on your computer 
with free security software.

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