[tabi] Re: IOS 7 WEIRDNESS

  • From: Elizabeth Bowden <elizabeth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "tabi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <tabi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2013 06:31:34 -0400

Hello Linn, 
Probably restart the iPad I updated mine from itunes so I could get a good 
Hope this helps. 

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> On Sep 30, 2013, at 4:36 PM, Lynn Evans <austin.evans60@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> So I am downloading IOS7 on my  ipad when I get this white screen and the 
> word hello on it. The Hello keeps changing to the word hello in different 
> languages. This has been going on now for over 45 minutes.
> Does anyone know what the heck is going on? Should I pull the plug and start 
> the download again?

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