[tabi] Re: IOS 5 group session is this Wednesday

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  • Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 21:03:48 -0400

Hi Shelley an other IOS fans:

For $18 you should buy the book. I plan to be at the Lighthouse twice a month 
and try and mix up the times. One does have to work, how else can we afford our 
toys. If I should come across any ISO 5 tips I will be sure and share them with 
everyone on TABI. 

I am still looking for those folks knowledge or are just plain cuprous that 
wools be interested in this topic.  
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  I am strongly considering switching to an iPhone when eligible for an 
upgrade. However, I work during the day. Will this training be occurring again 
later; wil there be a recording made of this one; or do you just recommend that 
I get that iPhone book and read it? 

  Shelley Sawyer 

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    Ok, I picked a date for the IOS 5 get together at the lighthouse of the Big 


    Time & Date:  2 pm until 4 pm, Wednesday March 15, 2012


    I will be at the lighthouse at the above time to talk with those folks 
using iPhones, iPods and iPad. If you own one of these devices or interested in 
acquiring one please feel free to stop 3071 Highlands Oak Terrace or phone the 
Lighthouse at 942.3658 and ask for Lynn Evans. 


    I will just show up at the Lighthouse twice a month for the next few months 
to get a feel for the interest in such a group as this. A few folks have 
contacted me an expressed an interest in such a group. We will try and figure 
out the best day and time along with topics to be discussed.   


    Just stay tuned to TABI for my next announcement for this new group. I will 
be posting again. 

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