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The county service should be referred to as Non sponsored trips or service.
Dial A ride is just the messagener.


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  The key word in Dorothy's post to the list Is "county". It seems the agency 
that provides service to the people living outside the city limits is Dial a 
Ride. That is if a person outside the city limits wants a ride they call this 
Dial a Ride. The service is actually provided by either Big Bend Transit or 
Sealy Roads. However the funding for folks living outside the city limits is 
different from inside the city limits. 

  People who need rides and live outside the city limmits are not getting the 
same level of service as the people living in the city. 
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    It strange,

    Ms Norene had none.

    When I attempted to become a dialaride person,

    my incidences were contiguous and,

    when people came over for lessons,

    I found that they had them also,

    pretty much.

    Charles Atkins

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      I have had no serious complaints with Dial-A-Ride ever  (in over 10 years 
of rides), and am just thankful we have this service. I think others who feel 
the same way ought to make their voices heard also.  It's interesting that this 
note that I am responding to comes from someone who does not live in the city 
limits and is not a Dial-A-Ride client.  Norine


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      Hello to all,

      I just wanted to  give you an update on  the Tallahassee Democrat's  
story. The reporter , Doug Blackburn, is wanting the  names of anyone   who is 
having trouble with Dial a Ride  in the county.His no. is 599 2323 .

      Please anyone for petes sake call him and give him your story.This is 
very inportant.Do not let Dial a ride  just shove it under the rug.I want this 
reporter swamped with phone calls untikl he is blue in the face . I want him to 
see  that it    is not just me complaining.So tell anyone that may not have the 
list to call him.




      Dorothy Martin







      Dorothy Martin

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