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It strange,

Ms Norene had none.

When I attempted to become a dialaride person,

my incidences were contiguous and,

when people came over for lessons,

I found that they had them also,

pretty much.

Charles Atkins

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  I have had no serious complaints with Dial-A-Ride ever  (in over 10 years of 
rides), and am just thankful we have this service. I think others who feel the 
same way ought to make their voices heard also.  It's interesting that this 
note that I am responding to comes from someone who does not live in the city 
limits and is not a Dial-A-Ride client.  Norine


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  Hello to all,

  I just wanted to  give you an update on  the Tallahassee Democrat's  story. 
The reporter , Doug Blackburn, is wanting the  names of anyone   who is having 
trouble with Dial a Ride  in the county.His no. is 599 2323 .

  Please anyone for petes sake call him and give him your story.This is very 
inportant.Do not let Dial a ride  just shove it under the rug.I want this 
reporter swamped with phone calls untikl he is blue in the face . I want him to 
see  that it    is not just me complaining.So tell anyone that may not have the 
list to call him.




  Dorothy Martin







  Dorothy Martin

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