[tabi] Re: I have an idea for TCB, NFB, and the Lighthouse

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  • Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 16:32:32 -0500

Hi everyone,
Lynn & Liz are right, this is something that has generally been
handled by FAAST in the past, so they may already be set up to assist
with this sort of program.

I personally used to work at several state agencies that were
"pass-through" non-profits - getting funding and then passing it on
for good causes. It is a good idea and can be very helpful.

In addition to being a good idea, it is actually extremely time
consuming to manage pass-through funding. If TCB or NFB or another
individual decides to take this on, I just want you to be aware that
it is a big committment. Unfortunately, the Lighthouse won't be able
to do that administrative part. We are limited by our funders in how
much of our funding can be spent on administration, and this would
take us beyond what is allowed by both United Way & the State of

For the Lighthouse's part, we would be very willing to promote the
idea and pubilicize the information and fundraising events. We'd be
willing to help recruit volunteers for the fundraising events that
others organize. As you know we have some AT equipment located at the
Lighthouse, so if you sign up to be a client, you can try out the
equipment and learn how to use it before you get one of your own. We
are also hopeful that we may get a small stimulus grant to get a few
more pieces of equipment for demonstartion and loan (although we are
not allowed to give them away.) We'll keep you posted on the grant,
and if we get it, use local vendors as much as possible : )

Hope that is helpful,

Lighthouse of the Big Bend
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