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  • From: Tricia Kiser <triciakiser@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2015 11:08:48 -0400

I've seen shows on BIID (body integrity identity disorder) and while I think
the sufferer has psychological problems and I can feel some sympathy for them,
I think any person who assists the person in doing self-harm should be

The first case I saw of this on tv was where a patient went to the ER, asking a
doctor to remove one of their legs. The doctor refused and later learned that
the patient had appeared at other ER's and been denied. The patient then
amputated their own leg and showed up back at the first ER he had visited. The
doctor had no choice then but to clean up the wound and suture it shut. In
that case, the doctor did the right thing. He did not condone the patient's
unreasonable attitude and actively assist in the patient harming themself. He
did his best to discourage the patient and then did his job treating him only
after the damage had been done.

The psychologist who assisted this woman in becoming blind was supposedly in
his right mind and yet he put the drops in knowing they would harm her. At the
very least, he should have his medical license revoked. I think criminal
charges should be added as well.

As to whether she should be accepted by the blind community, I guess that's up
to individuals who come in contact with her. I wouldn't want to have anything
to do with her because she's obviously not mentally well, and if she could so
easily harm herself, she could just as easily cause harm to others.

From: esbowden@xxxxxxxxxxxx
To: tabi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [tabi] Hi, I saw this on another list
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2015 19:55:16 -0400

Hello All,I saw this on another list, and thought I’d get local opinions.The
article below is about a woman who chose to make herself blind. Before the
audio, there is advertisement for a movie, but the article should play after
that. All opinions I have read so far have showed anger towards this woman and
her doctor. The opinion is also that she is crazy, and shouldn’t be accepted
by the blind community for what she has done. Decide for yourself!!

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