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The most horrifying part to me was the psychologist/psychiatrist/whatever guy making a twisted argument that helping her blind herself was ethical behavior for a professional. One interesting reaction was from someone who commented that her decision, as a sighted person, to make herself blind is no different than a man who decides he should be a woman or a woman who decides she should be a man. I'm not sure I agree entirely but it was interesting to me because that is a connection I would have never made on my own.

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Warning to those who are easily upset; you may want to skip this video.  Describing it as sickening isn’t too strong a term in my opinion. Chip  From: tabi-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:tabi-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Elizabeth S Bowden
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 Hello All,I saw this on another list, and thought I’d get local opinions.The article below is about a woman who chose to make herself blind.  Before the audio, there is advertisement for a movie, but the article should play after that. All opinions I have read so far have showed anger towards this woman and her doctor.  The opinion is also that she is crazy, and shouldn’t be accepted by the blind community for what she has done.  Decide for yourself!!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdRihAJ3H9Q

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