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Great one! Thanks Stacia!

On 4/29/11, Woolverton, Stacia <Stacia.Woolverton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here's one that may help.  Kind of wordy though.
> Floor obstacles:  When you have guests over at the house, ask them to take
> their shoes off by the door and put them on a shelf that you place there.  I
> have a rule at my house that states that everyone put their shoes on a shelf
> by the door.  If I find shoes on the floor, I will warn the guest the first
> time that shoes must be placed either on the shelf by the door or kept on
> their feet.  The second or third time I find shoes on the floor, I will
> throw them at whomever owns them.  That tends to get the point across that I
> will trip over the shoes if the guests persist in leaving their shoes on the
> floor.
> I hope this information is helpful to you.
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> Hi everyone,
> The Lighthouse is starting to work on our next newsletter, and thought
> you all might have something to contribute! We used to do a little
> column of advice or tips called “Practical Tips for Living” with
> little tidbits on how to do things easily without your sight. Some
> examples are below. Do you have any tips you’d be willing to share
> with others? We’d love to include them in the newsletter! Please jJust
> respond with your tip(s) to this email or info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Thanks!
> Lights Out: In case of a power failure it is best to refuse any
> navigational help a sighted companion may offer. Failure to do so may
> result in bumps and bruises. ~ Barbara Kiger
> Humpty Dumpty: If you drop an egg on the floor or counter, before
> wiping it with a wet cloth, use a paper towel or salt to absorb the
> excess liquid from the egg. Then finish the job with a damp cloth to
> wipe away any sticky substance remaining. ~ Patricia A. Lipovsky &
> Mary Ellen Ottman
> Not Losing It: Try to purchase items like toothpaste or
> shampoo/conditioner with openings which do not detach so that there's
> less chance to lose the caps. ~ Anonymous
> Penny For Your Thoughts: To mark how long to microwave an item, tape
> pennies to it. To heat it for 3 minutes, tape 3 pennies; if you heat
> for 3 minutes, stir and heat another minute, put 3 pennies, leave a
> space and tape another penny. ~ Marilyn Wright
> More Cold Cash: You can also use pennies to tell difference between
> food items in similar containers. For example, put 1 penny on potato
> salad and 2 on coleslaw. Always use the same number so you remember
> what type of food it signifies. ~ Marilyn Wright
> No Old Mold: To keep grated cheese fresh until you want to use it, put
> it in the freezer which will keep it from getting moldy. ~ Nancy
> Folsom
> Cleaning artificial flowers: Pour some salt into a paper bag and add
> the flowers. Shake vigorously and the salt will absorb the dust and
> dirt, leaving your artificial flowers looking like new.~ Bess Bradley
> Easy mixing: Use a ziplock bag to mix anything! For example, put flour
> and chicken in a plastic bag and shake them together to put on flour.
> You can put eggs, onion, green pepper, cheese, etc. in a bag and shake
> it all together to make an omelet. ~ Sally Benjamin
> Slick solution: Instead of measuring cooking oil use solid shortening,
> it won’t spill. ~ Elizabeth Bowden
> Never lose a sock strategy: Pin the two socks together before washing.
> You will have all your socks matched up and ready to wear when dry. ~
> Delores Wussler
> Easy Measuring: To measure cooking oil, fill a wide mouthed jar with
> oil and dip in measuring spoon when oil is needed. To measure vanilla
> or other flavorings pour some into a small flexible container. Measure
> correct amount and funnel remainder back into bottle. ~ Delores
> Wussler
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