[tabi] Re: Gathering planned at the Museum of Florida History 10/10/14 from 2 - 4 to protest denial of lady and guide dog access

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This is a tragedy on many, many levels. When I was working at the
Lighthouse, I had a very good relationship with Bonnie McClusky at the
museum and even had a special tour which included my Seeing Eye dog. They
have every kind of auditory and tactile accommodation for blind people, but
won't let in our dogs. HM!


Sorry, I wasn't there to protest with you, even though I don't have a dog
right now. I'm in North Carolina participating in the personal presentation
to Dave Loux of a Tribute Stone that was installed on September 30 at the
Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends in Louisville, KY. Ironically, the
stone says, "Voice and Face of the Seeing Eye for 38 years!" 






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from 2 - 4 to protest denial of lady and guide dog access


Hello Everyone,


Today I learned of some very disturbing news. Tiffany Wilson, DBS employee
and long-time guide dog user went to view the Braille Quilt located at the
Museum of Florida History last week and was quite forcefully removed from
the museum. Ms. Wilson and her guide dog, Orlando were on their lunch hour
and decided to make a quick visit as she works in the downtown area.


Ms. Wilson attempted to explain the laws regarding guide dog access and that
by law, she isn't required to show identification. However, museum officials
weren't hearing it and would not cooperate. Things escalated and it ended
with security guards surrounding Tiffany and Orlando and actually putting
their hands on both lady and dog.


Tiffany returned the next day, armed with printed copies of the guide dog
access legislation, ADA, and her dog's school identification. Museum
personnel were still uncooperative and unwilling to allow her access. To
date, numerous emails protesting this intolerable denial of access have gone


A protest/gathering is planned for Friday, 10/10/14 at the museum, locate at
500 South Bronough Street from 2:00 - 4:00. DBS officials, members of the
Florida and National Association of Guide Dog Users, guide dog teams and
other concerned citizens from the community will be on hand to demonstrate
their concern. All are welcome to join us.


 What a story the "Braille Is." by Jeanine Kane quilt will now have to tell.
What a shame we're still having to overcome this backwards way of thinking.


"Braille is the key to open the door." What is the key to open the door for
professional dog guides who give their lives to lead their handlers? 



Below is a recent article about the Braille Quilt made by a lady who lives
here in Tallahassee and who works at the Lighthouse of the Big Bend.


 Feel the Words
Brittany Lesser 1:36 a.m. EDT September 21, 2014

Quilt with Braille on it (Photo: Special to the Chronicle )
Quilts often tell a story, sometimes of love, or memory, or a unique

But, few convey that message in braille. On display at the 33rd Annual
Capital City
Quilt Show at the Museum of Florida History is a work titled, "Braille Is."
by Jeanine
Kane. The work is among more than 100 fiber artworks available for viewing
Oct. 19. The piece features a key between the symbol for braille and a door.
The quilt reads, "Braille is the key to open the door."

Kane, a vision rehabilitation therapist at the Lighthouse of the Big Bend,
said she
made the quilt to increase the awareness of the importance of braille as a
form of

"Braille is just as essential for communication as print is," said Kane. "I
working with students who learn braille and getting to see the expression on
faces when they discover they can read again."

This is the second braille quilt that Kane has made. It was made two years
ago. The
letters on either side of the key are made with rope and the quilt itself is
The braille print is made using fabric puff paint.

The quilt was chosen by Quilters Unlimited of Tallahassee for inclusion in
the annual
show. "To my knowledge we have never had a quilt with braille in the show
said Museum Director Dr. Jeana Brunson. It is a unique and original

The partnership between the Museum of Florida History and Quilters Unlimited
of Tallahassee
has a long history. This is the 33rd year they have collaborated to produce
the show.
This year's theme is "Starry, Starry Night" and features a quilt made by
Linda O'Sullivan
and members of the Friday Frayed Edges Sit and Stitch group. The show offers
a Visitor's
Choice Award selected by public vote, and a silent auction that funds
initiatives of the guild. There is a scavenger hunt and drawing activity for

To see the braille quilt or any of the other beautiful quilts on display,
come to
the Museum of Florida History at 500 South Bronough Street through Oct. 19.
The Museum
is open Monday-Friday 9-4:30 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m., and Sunday

For more information, visit the Museum's website at
museumoffloridahistory.com or
see all of the quilts on their Pinterest page at


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