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Hi Liz,
I think  anything made in the last 10 years or more would be a
multi-channel soundcard.  If it weren't, he wouldn't be able to hear any
sounds or mp3 or wav files played at the same time he is hearing his
speech output.
But Charles, if you wanted to know if it's something (anything at all)
to do with your home pc, just try the same thing on a work pc, or
someone else's pc.  if it happens to you there as well, you can be sure
it's not your pc; and so then maybe it's how your doing what you're
And on the other hand, if it works on the other pc, then Liz has pointed
you in the right direction, and it's something about how that pc is
setup in some way.


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        check to insure that your sound card is duel channel.  

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                Can anyone tell me how to access the sound of the
numbers we are prompted to listen for when attempting to set up the
Gmail account please?
                When I press enter on the link I don't hear the sound!
                My speakers were turned up.  I had plenty volume!

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