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The short answer would be advocacy for our cause. 


Now for the long answer: 


A small group of us Miccosukee Hellions showed up at a canopy roads committee 
meeting during the summer.   Star Metro was going before this board to ask for 
a concrete slab they wanted to put at the entrance to our apartment complex 
where the bus stop would be.   It was the wrong committee to support our cause 
but we did have our say abut the buses being removed from our community. We 
also got our cause reported on channel 27 news. 


This led to a meeting with Star Metro in the fall where Star Metro came out 
with their front office staff along with city commissioner Nancy Miller. 
Basically Star Metro wasn't going to promise anything but they did listen. 


Star Metro did put a dial a ride van in the complex that circulates through the 
apartment complex twice in the morning and twice again in the afternoon. 


We also had two strong advocates who were residents; Carol W. and Edwin F.  
Edwin passed away this past July. Both made quite a few phone calls to all the 
contacts they knew. 


One more person, Luetta T. kept in contact with Andréa who is the head of dial 
a ride. Her contact was to fine tune the feeder service to the San Luis and Red 
Hills routes. 


Star Metro realizes they have a bus system that passengers who can't walk or 
roll cant go on the bus. One or two residents have started taking Dial a Ride 
when they use to take the bus.  



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  Oh, I am SO glad for you and your neighbors!!!

  Do you happen to know what Starmetro did to make this possible? (Not that I 
expect you to go digging around to find out... just wondering if you got an 
  Merry Christmas, indeed!

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  Oh yes and here we go again. 

My San Luis line will be coming back into Miccosukee Hills again but for 7  
trips a day. Also it will be coming by every 35 minutes all day. 

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