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This message has been approved by John R. Carnaghi, Senior Vice President of 
Finance & Administration, for distribution to all students currently taking 
classes, faculty and staff.

The Westcott Building elevator is out of service approximately two months as 
the Ruby Diamond Project progresses.  The only access to offices in the 
building is by the main stairs.  If you need to visit Westcott and require 
special accommodations, you may contact the appropriate office by phone using 
the contact numbers below.  Personnel in the offices will make arrangements to 
meet with you in Eppes 101.  I apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your 
understanding during this time.  Thank you very much.      
Contact Numbers:

            President's Office                                  644-1085

            Provost's Office                                    644-1816

            Finance and Administration                          644-4444

            University Relations                                644-1000

            Dean of the Faculties                               644-6876

            Student Affairs                                     644-5590

            Budget and Analysis                                 644-4203

            Institutional Research                              644-4203

            Audit Services                                      644-6031

            Graduate School                                     644-3500

            General Counsel                                     644-4440

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