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Dear everyone,


Some of you might have heard but others may not know.  One of our friends and 
colleagues, Jill Caputo, was in a fatal accident on campus.  As a student who 
was registered with the SDRC and a member of the FSU community, we want to come 
together to remember her and support one another.  Jill was well connected to 
the St. Thomas More Church and they are having a special program to remember 
her next Wednesday September 1 (see the invitation below).  I invite you to 
join with the St. Thomas More family so that all of those who knew and love 
Jill can come together at one place, a place that means so much to Jill when 
she was alive, to remember her. 


Feel free to email Bea (bawoniyi@xxxxxxx) if you have questions.  I look 
forward to seeing all of you there.






The 5:15 Mass at St. Thomas More on Wednesday, September 1 will be in Jill's 
memory with Monsignor Tugwell presiding (He knew her very well).  After the 
formal mass is over (about 30 minutes), there will be an opportunity for people 
to share memories and appreciation of Jill.  Please share this with all who may 
be interested and let me know if you have questions.


Bea Awoniyi, Ph.D. 
Assistant Dean of Students/Director of the Student Disability Resource Center 
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Thank You.


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