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Hello students, Happy New Year and welcome back to campus.  We hope you
all had a wonderful and restful time.  Best wishes for the year and for
a great semester ahead.



You probably will notice if you have not that there are constructions
across campus.  Let us know if you have any questions or need any help
with access.


The elevator in the Westcott Building will be out of service for the
next two months due to renovations in the building.   There is,
therefore, only stair access to the offices in the building.  It would
be helpful if students needing access to the offices call before making
the trip to the building.  If students or visitors requiring
accommodation need to meet with personnel in Westcott, this can be
arranged. The contact numbers are as follows:


President's Office                           644-1085

Provost's Office                              644-1816

Finance and Administration           644-4444

University Relations                       644-1000


Dean of the Faculties                     644-6876

Student Affairs                                644-5590

Budget and Analysis                       644-4203

Institutional Research                     644-4203


Audit Services                                 644-6031

Graduate School                             644-3500

General Counsel                             644-4440


Thanks for your help and let me know if you have any questions.


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