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> Subject: [Nfbf-l] Fwd: listen to BARD books on your iPhone/iPad/iPod
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> It looks like I will be looking for a book to try out on the BARD iPhone app.
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>> Subject: FW: [BARD-Support] Welcome to BARD Mobile
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>> From: NLS BARD Technical Support [mailto:BARD-SUPPORT@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On
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>> Subject: [BARD-Support] Welcome to BARD Mobile
>> Dear List Members,
>> We are excited to tell you that the BARD mobile iOS app is out! There are
>> several things which we thought those of you interested in the app would
>> want to know before you download it, and things you might want to do in
>> order to ensure that you'll be able to use the app right away without
>> frustration.
>> BARD Mobile will work on any iOS device running iOS 4.3.3 or later. This
>> includes the iPhone 3GS and all later iPhones, all iPads, and fourth
>> generation or later iPod touches. If you have one of these devices, be sure
>> it is running iOS 4.3.3 or later.
>> You can't use a temporary password when logging onto BARD from the app, so
>> be sure you have a working BARD username and permanent password before you
>> attempt to log in with BARD Mobile. The app also will not work if you need
>> to agree to the BARD pledge. If you have a temporary password, log into the
>> BARD website at
>> https://nlsbard.loc.gov
>> to create a new password. And even if you have a working password, it's a
>> good idea to log into the website and take the pledge if requested. Note
>> that you can log into the BARD website using Safari on an iOS device if you
>> like.
>> The BARD Mobile app allows you to download items from the Recently Added
>> Books and Recently Added Magazines sections of the BARD site and from your
>> wish list. So if there are books you know you're going to want to read right
>> away, add them to your wish list. It is also easy to add books to your wish
>> list from within BARD Mobile because when you browse the site either from
>> within the app or from Safari on your iOS device, the Download link
>> following every book title changes to an Add to Wish List link.
>> BARD Mobile must be open while books are downloading; if you switch to a
>> different app, downloading will stop. Also, the screen must be unlocked
>> throughout the download process.
>> We encourage you to take a look at the BARD Mobile user guide. You can find
>> it at
>> https://nlsbard.loc.gov/apidocs/BARDMobile.userguide.iOS.1.0.html.
>> The manual is also available in the app, in the Help section of the BARD
>> Mobile bookshelf.
>> If you want to read braille books with BARD Mobile, you'll need a braille
>> display. Be sure to read Section 7 of the user guide, as it explains how to
>> configure your display and provides keystrokes that make reading braille a
>> smooth experience.
>> If you have BARD books or magazines on your computer, you can use iTunes
>> file sharing or Dropbox to load them into BARD Mobile. Load them as zip
>> files; BARD Mobile will unpack them automatically. When you open a talking
>> book or magazine that you have loaded in this way for the first time, be
>> sure BARD Mobile has access to the Internet, as the app will need to
>> download an authorization file from the BARD website. This step is not
>> necessary for braille files.
>> This should be enough info to get you started. Enjoy the app!
>> Sincerely,
>> The BARD Technical Support Team
>> NLS BARD Technical Support
>> e-mail: NLSDownload@xxxxxxx
>> Read the BARD FAQ at: https://nlsbard.loc.gov/NLS/FAQ.html=
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