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Andrea Rosser at StarMetro sent this out. You may find it worthy of review, even helpful.

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Subject: Google Transit BETA test

One of the biggest obstacles to people using public transportation is learning how the system works--where to go, when to go, etc. Having transit trip-planning data readable and presentable by a clean, easy-to-understand, universal tool will make a big difference. With Google Transit, commuters will be able to easily access public transit schedules, routes, and plan trips using the local public transportation options. StarMetro is looking to implement Google Transit in December and we request your input. We are BETA testing our system including the change to be made in December (Route 12 extension to Fallschase) and would like for you to use the system and respond to us with any issues you encounter or recommendations you may have.  Navigate to www.google.com/transit
Click on Sign in and use the following e-mail and password:
        E-mail:  starmetro.googletest@xxxxxxxxxx
        Password:  gogreen07
The StarMetro system is only in preview mode and will not be listed under the United States.  Navigate to the "Get directions" section and type in a location, destination and the date and time you wish to leave or arrive.  The result should be a transit trip planner explaining which bus to catch and where.  Experiment with changing the start/arrival time to determine which route will get you to your destination in the most efficient manner.Thank you for trying out the system.   Your input will assist us in taking care of the bugs before the full launch in December.Andrea L. Rosser, M.S.P.
Transportation Planner
555 Appleyard Dr.
Tallahassee, FL 32304
(850) 891-5482

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