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Dear Lighthouse Volunteers,
You may have heard over the past year or two, the Lighthouse of the Big Bend
has been looking for a new building. We now have 15 staff in a 2,000 square
foot, seven-office building with only one classroom for all our programs. I
can't tell you how many times one group of students has to go elsewhere
because the classroom is already in use - we have so outgrown the space. In
December, we found an almost perfect building over off of Capital Circle
across from Sam's at 3071 Highland Oaks Terrace. Last night, the Board
signed off on a contract to buy the building!!! (THANK YOU, Lighthouse
Board!) Interestingly, we are 'trading' our present building for the new
one, which is allowing us to save a great deal of time and money as we do
not have to try to sell our present building in this terrible market.

The building we are buying at 3071 Highland Oaks Terrace is 5,600 sq ft,
built in Sept. 2005, 100% handicap accessible with 4 handicap accessible
bathrooms, 4' wide halls, and is currently divided into 25+ offices. Another
surprise, the Seller has agreed to completely renovate it before we move in,
which is a part of the contract. They will take down five interior walls
(between offices) to create 2 large classrooms, a computer lab, a kitchen
and a meeting room. That will leave 15 offices, plus storage/file rooms and
reception areas. 

The building has a large parking lot, with external lights on building's
front overhang, and a parking lot street light. It has nice landscaping with
garden sprinkler system. It is surrounded on the front & sides by a narrow
green spaces and a larger green space in the back. It is fine for guide dogs
and with a potential small play area for children in back. There is one back
door. There is a sidewalk along the side of the parking lot straight to the
front doors. The owner will add sidewalk from the building's existing
sidewalk to the road and put in 2 curb cuts. There is a sidewalk from
Capital Circle down the road (one city block or so.) There are bus stops to
the north & south; StarMetro also said they were 85% sure they could move
the bus stop to be directly at the end of the street in front of the
building. It should be accessible for folks riding the bus!

When everything is more concrete, we'll of course do a press release, have a
volunteer day to help us move, and a grand opening to which you will (of
course!) be invited. It should be in February - but for the time being, I
wanted you to be among the very first to know! If you'd like to sponsor a
room, classroom furniture, or equipment for the new building, we would be
more than thrilled. You are welcome to call me for details (942-3658 x 201)
or donate on-line and specify 'new building' from our website at

Take care,
Barbara L. Ross
Executive Director
Lighthouse of the Big Bend
Guiding People Through Vision Loss
(850) 942-3658 x 201
www.lighthousebigbend.org <http://www.lighthousebigbend.org/>  

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