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I agree Darla,  What would it take to be happy with a grid system instead of 
spoke and wheel.  If it is shelters, we don't have them everywhere now.  If it 
is transfers, we have them now and lots of them don't have access.  If it is 
street crossings with audible signals, we don't have them now: and we find a 
way to use the system, at least the upwardly Mobil ones do.

We shouldn't expect a perfect world and we ain't going to get it.  I am just 
glad we have made the headway we have.


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  Very well stated by this rider, Erica, but I'd like to see the infrastructure 
improved, as I believe Tallahassee is too large in population and 
geographically to keep all the transfers at the Plaza downtown.

  Also, if they built in some leeway, the next bus would wait for the 
pedestrian--but a way to signal the other driver would need to be found.

  Darla & Precious Roxy

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    Kudos to Sue Ellen!! (In case any of you are wondering, Sue Ellen is a bus 
rider by choice, NOT due to any disability which prevents her from driving.) I 
will Forward the article she references separately.

    FWD MSG: Here's what I sent the Democrat yesterday.  Mark says they plan to 
run it.  - Sue Ellen 

                To the Editor: 
                I appreciate that the Democrat’s Mark Hohmeister drew attention 
to automobile driver vs. pedestrian issues in his Aug. 14 column.  These issues 
are at the center of concerns being voiced by bus riders regarding the city's 
bus system decentralization plan (Nova2010).  Under Nova2010, most bus riders 
will no longer change buses at the downtown bus plaza, but instead will be 
dropped off and picked up along major roads like Capital Circle, Mahan, 
Tennessee, Monroe.  Given how often we see car drivers disregard red lights, 
stop signs, and pedestrian rights of way, many riders are understandably 
concerned about having to walk across six-lane (eight with turn lanes) 
intersections to change buses.   

                Add the too-long headways planned (most are 30-40 minutes, not 
the one 10-minute route city staff touts), and chances increase that stressed 
bus commuters, panicked that the next bus connection doesn't come for 30 or 40 
minutes, will take great risks to cross streets to a bus that's at a stop or 
pulling away.

                The city commission should reconsider the Nova2010 plan and 
commit to spending the time and money necessary to have a bus system for 
Tallahassee that is safe, convenient and reliable.  
                Sue Ellen Smith

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