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This sounds like political propaganda to me and apparently the Florida 
Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged didn't do there home work very 
well or Star metro/Dial A ride is not accurately reporting there screw ups and 
are padding the fact that disabled people are being picked up late and missing 
appointments on a regular bases with no solution in sight. If this is called 
excellence in customer service, I would hate to see what the Commission would 
deem offal service.  Apparently all the messages you all sent to me when I did 
my survey about 3 months ago weren't relayed to the Commission.  I think this 
is an attempt to make Star Metro look good to the City commissioners to keep 
the heat off of them.  This is blatant falsification of records and should be 
dealt with accordingly. 

Sila has had to cancel and reschedule two appointments, 1 was a hair 
appointment and the other was a dental appointment  recently. When she was 
sick, she had to wait about 4 hours before she was picked up from the doctors 
office for her return trip.  About two weeks ago she had to use the bus to get 
to work and the Red Hills had a new driver that didn't know the route and was 
on the radio constantly getting directions on where to go.  Just this past 
Friday she had to use the bus again to go to work and the 6-40 bus never 
arrived.  It was 7-25 before the first bus arrived, which meant she was late 
for work.  She tried to call Star Metro to find out what was going on but could 
never get anyone to answer the phone.  She finally called Dial A ride to see if 
she could find out what was going on.  All they could tell her was that the bus 
would be there around 7-25.  Excellent service I don't think so.

I think it is time for the City commission to take a hard look at public 
transportation as a whole including the fixed system and also the Para Transit 
service because it isn't reliable and so far no one has been able to fix it.  
Disabled people can't even get to a City commission meeting using public 
transportation and there is no public transit service to the city owned 
airport.  We haven't been able to use the county CTC service for over 3 years 
now since they started prioritizing trips for medical and work.
Since the fixed route system was decentralized about 100 disabled people have 
moved over to Dial A ride but the City hasn't increased the number of drivers 
or purchased additional vans and now it is no longer reliable.
It is ashamed that this is the Capital of Florida and we don't have a reliable 
public transit system.

If you are a college student and live around FSU or want to go out and get 
drunk on Friday or Saturday night, then it doesn't get any better than this now 
that we have the party bus. If you are a tax payer that doesn't own a vehicle 
or are disabled, you are just SOL.

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          City of Tallahassee News Release  
          Communications / City Hall / Tallahassee FL 32301 / 850.891.8533  

          StarMetro Receives Prestigious Award

          Customer Service Excellence Recognized
          September 11, 2013

          In recognition of StarMetro's exemplary service, particularly to 
elderly, disabled, low-income and transportation challenged citizens, StarMetro 
was awarded the prestigious 2013 Dispatcher/Scheduler of the Year Award by the 
Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged. StarMetro's Call 
Center, Dispatch Team and Mobility Coordinator's Office was recognized for this 
honor at today's Tallahassee City Commission meeting. 

          The top statewide award recognizes StarMetro's dedication to 
providing the upmost in caring, efficient and reliable transportation services 
throughout the community. It also pays tribute to the StarMetro professionals 
who work cohesively to serve transportation disadvantaged citizens throughout 
the Capital Region.

          "StarMetro staff has worked very hard to achieve this award," said 
City Commissioner Nancy Miller, lead commissioner on the Long Range Planning 
Target Issue Committee. "It's important that Tallahassee residents have access 
to the quality of customer service provided by the staff at StarMetro."

          "This is a testament to our caring, efficient and skilled employees 
who always have each rider's unique needs in mind," said StarMetro Director 
Ivan Maldonado. "They go above and beyond their daily duties to offer 
professional, friendly and respectful service to those with a wide range of 
transportation challenges."

          StarMetro operates 12 cross-town routes, as well as university routes 
and special Para-transit transportation to senior, disabled and low-income 
customers in Tallahassee and Leon County through programs such as Dial-A-Ride 
and Community Transportation Coordinator for Tallahassee and Leon County (CTC).

          Last year, the Call Center and Dispatch Team managed 261,407 calls, 
serving over 14,000 customers, and provided 163,000 Para-transit trips. They 
helped coordinate 255,527 trips for 8,164 elderly, disabled and low-income 
citizens for work, school, medical appointments, shopping and other important 
activities throughout Leon County. Similarly, the Mobility Coordinator's office 
assisted hundreds of elderly and disabled passengers with travel training, 
route information and referrals for other services.

          For more information about StarMetro, visit Talgov.com/starmetro or 
call StarMetro's main office at 891-5200. Other ways to view information 
include liking StarMetro's official Facebook page and following @RideStarMetro 
on Twitter.

          Contact Information
          Ivan Maldonado, StarMetro, 891-5191; Carrie Poole, Communications 
Department, 891-8533; or Sandra Manning, Utilities Marketing, 891-6175


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