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Hi, is there a list of the stops and the corresponding ID numbers for the new 
texting feature?  I tried to use this feature a few times but I think the 
person on the phone at star metro gave me the wrong stop ID number.  Thanks 

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        StarMetro Launches ‘Next by Text’ 
        New text messaging application alerts customers of next bus arrival 

         With the launch of the new, decentralized system today, StarMetro 
began offering a brand-new text messaging application for customers. The ‘Next 
by Text’ application allows customers to receive next bus arrival times via 
text message.

        “This new text messaging application gives our customers the 
convenience of knowing when the next bus will arrive at their specific 
StarStop,” Ron Garrison, executive director of StarMetro, said. “By knowing the 
exact time a bus will arrive, customers can cut down on the amount to time 
spent waiting for the bus.”

        To use this application, customers text their specific StarStop 
identification number to 27299. Within seconds, the customer will receive a 
corresponding text message outlining the arrival times of all the routes 
serving that particular StarStop. Each unique identification number is found on 
the informational sign blade of the StarStop. 

        StarMetro is partnering with Let’s Bus It Inc. to provide this new 
technology. Let’s Bus It Inc. provides transit agencies with ways to enhance 
customer service communications. 

        For more information, please contact StarMetro at 891-5200 or visit 
Talgov.com/starmetro. Other ways to view information include liking StarMetro's 
official Facebook page at Facebook.com/starmetrotransit and following 
StarMetro’s official Twitter page at Twitter.com/ridestarmetro. 

        Brian Waterman, StarMetro Planning Administrator, 891-5564; Heather 
Teter, StarMetro Marketing Specialist, Heather.Teter@xxxxxxxxxx; Alex Faubel, 
StarMetro Marketing Assistant, 891-5200

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