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Ok; I'm sure you guys are right about what is needed, but these were a free
gift from the feds, who want to get us to look at electric vehicles.  It's
not like StarMetro had any choice in how to spend the money.

They do end up with more buses, which could mean more service in some form.


I don't think we should beat up on them unless there's a choice to be made,
and we want them to make a particular one.  If you want more night service,
etc., go to the guys who control the money (the city commissioners), and ask
them to do it.  It's their job to listen to us and decide how the money is
spent, and what to pay for.





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Amen Robert, we could sure use night services a lot more than electric
buses.  I would love to be able to go places at night. 


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All I can say is if the city can spend 5 million on buses that have to be
charged once a hour then it is going to be pretty hard for them to denigh
night service.  That 5 million would sure go a long way for night service.



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Tallahassee News Release

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Construction Begins on FastFill Charging Station for Electric Buses

March 18, 2013

StarMetro is one step closer to launching its brand new all-electric,
zero-emission buses. This week, the transit agency will begin construction
on a fast charge station at C.K. Steele Plaza. This FastFill charging
station, manufactured by Proterra Inc., will charge the electric buses at
the central transfer station in as little as ten minutes. 

"When fully implemented, we will have five electric buses in operation,
which will be the largest electric bus fleet in the nation," said City
Commissioner Scott Maddox, who serves on the city's Long Range Planning
Target Issue Committee. "This action, along with our commitment to
compressed natural gas fueling, once again reflects Tallahassee as a leader
in sustainability and in finding ways to efficiently help our citizens
travel throughout the community. The fact that we have been awarded over $7
million in federal grants also shows that our work is being recognized on a
national level."  

Ivan Maldonado, interim executive director of StarMetro, said the decision
to place the Proterra FastFill charging station at C.K. Steele Plaza will
eliminate the need for the electric buses to go off line to receive a charge
at StarMetro's main facility on Appleyard Drive.  "With the charging station
at the plaza, the electric buses can rapidly recharge on-route as customers
unload and board the bus."

To recharge at the Proterra FastFill charging station, an electric bus
simply pulls into the plaza and automatically connects with an overhead
system that links to the bus' high-capacity charger. The charging station
includes advanced wireless controls that facilitate the docking process. The
wireless controls identify that the electric bus is present and then
automatically guides and connects the bus with the charging station, free
from coach operator involvement. 

In order to keep customers away from the charging station, StarMetro will
construct a wall surrounding the high-voltage area. This wall will feature
individual block pieces that are cast with a design, and then installed
along the wall. The design, created by artists, will depict the transition
of nature and energy through the seasons. This design will be visible by
motorists and StarMetro customers in the plaza. 

Staff expects construction to be completed by July, weather permitting.
After a month-long testing period, the fast charge station will be
operational, and the electric buses can begin service. By the end of August,
the electric buses should be fully operational.

"Once our new electric buses are in service, we will be the first transit
agency in the state of Florida and the first of the east coast to operate
these revolutionary electric buses," said Maldonado. "We are proud to be on
the cutting edge of technology, changing the transportation industry to
better serve our loyal customers and keep our impact on the environment to a

In 2010, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) awarded StarMetro over $5
million dollars of the Transit Investments for Green Gas and Energy
Reduction (TIGGER) II grant in order to purchase three all-electric buses
and construct a charging station. The following year, StarMetro signed a
contract with Proterra for the production of these buses and charging
station. Last year, FTA upped its award to StarMetro by $2 million dollars
for the purchase of two additional electric buses. With the delivery of the
two additional electric buses, which are currently under construction,
StarMetro will have five all-electric buses in its fleet.

For more information about StarMetro services, please call StarMetro's main
office at 891-5200 or visit Talgov.com/starmetro
<http://www.talgov.com/starmetro> . Other ways to view information include
liking StarMetro's official Facebook page at Facebook.com/starmetrotransit
<http://www.facebook.com/starmetrotransit>  or following the organization on
Twitter at Twitter.com/ridestarmetro <http://www.twitter.com/ridestarmetro>

CONTACT: Ivan Maldonado, StarMetro Interim Executive Director, 891-5044; or
Heather Teter, StarMetro Marketing Specialist, 891-5206




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