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> City of Tallahassee News Release      
> Communications / City Hall / Tallahassee FL 32301 / 850.891.8533
> StarMetro - It's Electric!
> Construction Begins on FastFill Charging Station for Electric Buses
> March 18, 2013
> StarMetro is one step closer to launching its brand new all-electric, 
> zero-emission buses. This week, the transit agency will begin construction on 
> a fast charge station at C.K. Steele Plaza. This FastFill charging station, 
> manufactured by Proterra Inc., will charge the electric buses at the central 
> transfer station in as little as ten minutes.
> "When fully implemented, we will have five electric buses in operation, which 
> will be the largest electric bus fleet in the nation," said City Commissioner 
> Scott Maddox, who serves on the city's Long Range Planning Target Issue 
> Committee. "This action, along with our commitment to compressed natural gas 
> fueling, once again reflects Tallahassee as a leader in sustainability and in 
> finding ways to efficiently help our citizens travel throughout the 
> community. The fact that we have been awarded over $7 million in federal 
> grants also shows that our work is being recognized on a national level." 
> Ivan Maldonado, interim executive director of StarMetro, said the decision to 
> place the Proterra FastFill charging station at C.K. Steele Plaza will 
> eliminate the need for the electric buses to go off line to receive a charge 
> at StarMetro's main facility on Appleyard Drive.  "With the charging station 
> at the plaza, the electric buses can rapidly recharge on-route as customers 
> unload and board the bus."
> To recharge at the Proterra FastFill charging station, an electric bus simply 
> pulls into the plaza and automatically connects with an overhead system that 
> links to the bus' high-capacity charger. The charging station includes 
> advanced wireless controls that facilitate the docking process. The wireless 
> controls identify that the electric bus is present and then automatically 
> guides and connects the bus with the charging station, free from coach 
> operator involvement.
> In order to keep customers away from the charging station, StarMetro will 
> construct a wall surrounding the high-voltage area. This wall will feature 
> individual block pieces that are cast with a design, and then installed along 
> the wall. The design, created by artists, will depict the transition of 
> nature and energy through the seasons. This design will be visible by 
> motorists and StarMetro customers in the plaza.
> Staff expects construction to be completed by July, weather permitting. After 
> a month-long testing period, the fast charge station will be operational, and 
> the electric buses can begin service. By the end of August, the electric 
> buses should be fully operational.
> "Once our new electric buses are in service, we will be the first transit 
> agency in the state of Florida and the first of the east coast to operate 
> these revolutionary electric buses," said Maldonado. "We are proud to be on 
> the cutting edge of technology, changing the transportation industry to 
> better serve our loyal customers and keep our impact on the environment to a 
> minimum."
> In 2010, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) awarded StarMetro over $5 
> million dollars of the Transit Investments for Green Gas and Energy Reduction 
> (TIGGER) II grant in order to purchase three all-electric buses and construct 
> a charging station. The following year, StarMetro signed a contract with 
> Proterra for the production of these buses and charging station. Last year, 
> FTA upped its award to StarMetro by $2 million dollars for the purchase of 
> two additional electric buses. With the delivery of the two additional 
> electric buses, which are currently under construction, StarMetro will have 
> five all-electric buses in its fleet.
> For more information about StarMetro services, please call StarMetro's main 
> office at 891-5200 or visit Talgov.com/starmetro. Other ways to view 
> information include liking StarMetro's official Facebook page at 
> Facebook.com/starmetrotransit or following the organization on Twitter at 
> Twitter.com/ridestarmetro.
> CONTACT: Ivan Maldonado, StarMetro Interim Executive Director, 891-5044; or 
> Heather Teter, StarMetro Marketing Specialist, 891-5206

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