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Thanks Lynn (and Sam) for the complete update on things.





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Hi Lynn,


I am glad to hear from you.  With Ron leaving I would say anything currently in 
the works will stay in the works because I imagine the search for a new 
director will take some time and in the meanwhile Ivan Moldonado will not want 
to change course on our activities.  We are still waiting to see if our request 
for equivalent facilitation will be approved and nothing will happen with the 
Braille plates until that time.


Concrete slabs are called boarding and alighting areas (B&A).  B&As are not a 
Ron initiative but rather an ADA requirement.  We have our 30 year plan ready 
and has been accepted by FDOT and that will continue apace.  There is no 
movement on wi-fi but the AVL (seeing the bus on a map) is almost ready.  We 
can use it now and testing is almost finished.


The electric bus is moving along just fine.  We have three on the lot and 
expect to begin what we call shadow service in a month or so, in which an 
electric bus will follow behind a regular bus “shadowing” on a regular route 
without being entirely on its own.  During shadow service the quick charge 
station will be constructed in the plaza.  It can do a complete charge in 10 
minutes, but because the charge is good for 40 miles and we have no routes that 
go near that far the charge will be more like 5 minutes.  The details will be 
worked out during shadow service.  Once the station is complete we will put 
three buses in service.  By then we might have the other two on order.  Our 
goal is to have all of Canopy run by electric buses.



Please let me know if you have any more questions.





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Hello Sam:


After hearing of Ron Garrison’s departure from Star Metro the blind community 
or those representing themselves on the TABI mailing list need some reassurance 
that progress will continue to be made with the bus system. I recall some of 
the improvements I heard wile viewing the city commission meeting a wile back.  
improved bus stops with concrete slabs, more WE-FI on more busses , a location 
system to let passengers waiting for buses know where on the route the next bus 


Could you let me know how the Braille signage is progressing so I can pass it 
along on TABI.   

What is holding up implementing the electric bus service? 

what is the ratio of charging time and run time for the electric buses? 


Have you herd if the city commissioners have set a date for a workshop to 
discuss Star Metro’s “wish list”?



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