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*Lighthouse of the Big Bend Newsletter *
*As We See It, Summer 2013*

*In this issue**:*

1. TECHNO DEMO, June 21 and 22

2. The Summer Transition Program for Teens

3. Welcome Our New Staff

4. Welcome Our New Board Member

5. Tech Tips by Lynn Evans

6. Upcoming Events

7. SAVE THE DATE: Dining in the Dark: Sunday, October 13, 2013

8. Lighthouse Fall Classes 2012

9. Support the Lighthouse

10. About the Lighthouse of the **Big Bend******

*1. Need Tech? Techno Demo: Tools to Expand Your Possibilities, June 21 and

The Lighthouse of the Big Bend is sponsoring the 3rd annual Techno Demo on
June 21st from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., and June 22nd from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
at our Center at 3071 Highland Oaks Terrace, in ****Tallahassee****.****

Our past two Techno Demo events received rave reviews from attendees
interested in experiencing the latest in emerging assistive technologies.
We will again have a number of vendors showing off all the latest,
state-of-the-art technology and demonstrating how many daily tasks can
become accessible for persons who are visually impaired or blind. ****

Devices to be demonstrated include those using large print, spoken text,
and Braille. There will be demonstrations of adaptive computer programs,
desktop and portable digital magnifiers, several types of iOS devices (such
as iPad and iPhones) with different accessibility features and
applications, along with other types of exciting technology. Local social
service agencies will also have displays and information available on a
wide variety of helpful services. Last, but not least, all attendees will
have a chance to win a digital magnifier door prize.****

Vendors who will be demonstrating their technologies include: Enhanced
Vision; Low Vision Aids, Inc.; Freedom Scientific; HumanWare; GPS 4U;
Voters Group; and, Emerald Coast Vision Aids, Inc.****

The Techno Demo is free and open to anyone interested in learning about
adaptive technology and resources for persons who are visually impaired or
blind. For more information, directions, or if you plan to attend, please
contact Izzy Bermudez at 850-942-3658, extension 209, or via email at


*2. The Summer Transition Program for Teens*
The 2013 summer Transition Program for youth aged 14 to 18 kicks off on
Monday, June 10. Eighteen teens and their families from the 11-county Big
Bend region will be participating this year in, what promises to be, a
totally cool, fun-filled, and educational program. The group will form a
supportive learning community led by three Transition Program Specialists,
and will spend time wall-climbing and kayaking at the Florida State
University Reservation, listening to important guest speakers, and taking
college tours at FSU and Kaiser University. Every Friday, our teens will
engage in job experiences, including working at a Walgreen’s drug store in *
*Tallahassee**, the Piggly Wiggly in **Gretna**, a **Tallahassee** hardware
store, and a radio station in ****Suwannee** **County****. Practical
skills, such as cooking and cleaning, placing food orders via telephone,
among other activities will be practiced. The summer program will culminate
in a trip to ****Panama City**** for a murder-mystery dinner cruise on the
riverboat Betsy Ann, where teens will be able to dress up in costumes and
actually act parts in the play. The 2013 summer program ends July 31.


*3. Welcome Our New Staff Members*
*Ashley Hendrix *is our new *Independent Living Specialist* who is working
within the Independent Living Program. Ashley graduated from ****Florida** *
*State** **University**** with her Master’s Degree in Social Work with a
special interest in Geriatric Social Work. She is excited to be among this
team of helping professionals, and is looking forward to helping others
achieve their maximum level of independence inside their homes and outside
in the community. Ashley is largely familiar with the
****Tallahassee****area since being born and raised in this community,
and is especially
invested in meeting the needs of seniors living in this area. In her spare
time, Ashley enjoys taking vacations, listening to music, spoiling her
pets, and walking around ****Lake** **Ella**** with her coffee in-hand. ****
T**im**** Gosline**** *is a new *Transition Specialist *who will assist
with the Transition Summer Program. **Tim** graduated from **Florida** **
State** **University** in 2005, after which he spent several years teaching
and traveling around ****China****. There, **Tim** saw firsthand how a
society's lack of support for persons with disabilities can profoundly
impact their quality of life and expectations for the future. He is very
happy to be doing meaningful work with visually impaired and blind youth in
the ****Tallahassee**** region. In his spare time, **Tim** can often be
found wandering one of our city’s disc golf courses, partaking in
catch-and-release fishing at ****Lake Jackson****, or perfecting his game
at a local billiard parlor. ****
Marianne Salcedo* is the Lighthouse’s new *Development Director*. She
brings more than 14 years of nonprofit and college fundraising and
grant-seeking experience to the Lighthouse. A native of **Oregon**, she has
lived in **California** and **Pennsylvania**, but has settled in ****
Thomasville**, **Georgia****. Marianne cared for her grandmother after she
lost her sight, and was a volunteer reader for a radio station that
broadcast daily programming for the print impaired. She has an
undergraduate degree in English and Classics from **Muhlenberg** **College**in
**Pennsylvania**, and master’s degree from The Evergreen State College in **
**Washington**** state. Marianne has two Italian Greyhounds and enjoys
renovating her vintage house in ****Thomasville****.


*4. A Warm Welcome to Our New Board Member*
We are excited to announce the appointment of our newest Board member, *Vera
Jones*. Vera is a native Tallahassean, and earned her bachelor’s degree and
master’s degree in social work from Florida Agricultural and ****Mechanical*
* **University****. She began her career as a social worker in **Orlando**,
then returned to ****Tallahassee**** and worked for the Florida Department
of Children and Families, the Florida Commission on Community Services, and
One Church One Child of Florida. Vera retired in 2010 after 40 years of
professional work, but remains very active in her community. The entire
Lighthouse community is very happy to have her on board and looks forward
to her contributions to its governance.****

** **

*5. Tech Tips by Lynn Evans*

* * **NLS patrons can now download their books directly from Talking Book

*How to Search.* Using your favorite search engine you will use the search
phrase, for example, “talking book topics May June 2013,” Then choose
“talking book topics May June 2013” from your search results. This will
take you to the Talking Books Topics for the May and June 2013 issue. Make
sure you choose the HTML version of the issue. Then you can choose a
section such as Adult Nonfiction. Each DB number is the download link for
that book. ****

*Downloading Books.* Once you enter via the download link, the login page
for BARD will open. After you have logged in, the next page will have the
link “continue to your download.” Depending on your browser, entering via
this link will start the download process for the book. ****

This process also works for back issues of Talking Book Topics. Happy
summer reading: ****

** Earl, the newspaper reading app for iDevices*

Earl is a voice activated newspaper reading iDevice application created by
Angle LLC. The app has its own speech synthesizer. The app has five voices
to choose from and speech rate can be changed from slow, medium to fast,
175 to 300 words per minute.

The newspaper choices are limited for the free app to the Los Angeles **Tim*
*es, Chicago Tribune and ****USA**** Today, with a three articles per-day
limit. This just enough for you to test-drive the app. The pay version is
$9.99 per month or $100 per year and offers access to over 200 newspapers
from around the world to choose from. ****

The Earl app can be found in the iPhone section of Apple’s App Store. Just
search for Angle LLC.****

*6. Upcoming Events*
·        *Florida****** Council of the Blind and the American Council for
the Blind's Braille Revival League Teleconference, June 14. *
Teleconference will be online at 8:00 a.m. To register or if you have
questions, please contact **Debbie Grubb** via email at debbiecg@xxxxxxxxxxx

* *
·         ***Lighthouse TECHNO DEMO, June 21 and 22.*

The Lighthouse of the Big Bend, Friday, June 21 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., and
Saturday, June 22 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 3071 **Highland** Oaks
Terrace, ****Tallahassee****. To RSVP or if you have questions, contact
Izzy Bermudez at ibermudez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or 850-924-3658, extension

* *
·         ***2013 Annual Convention of the National Federation of the
Blind, July 1 to 6**.*

Rosen Centre Hotel, July 1 to 6, 9840 ****International Drive**, **Orlando**,
**Florida****. Make your room reservation as soon as possible with the
Rosen Centre Hotel by calling (800) 204-7234. The schedule for the 2013
convention is: Monday, July 1, Seminar Day; Tuesday, July 2, Registration
Day; Wednesday, July 3, Board Meeting and Division Day; Thursday, July 4,
Opening Session; Friday, July 5, Business Session; Saturday, July 6 Banquet
Day and Adjournment. For more information go to

* *

*·        Independence Day, July 4.*

Have a wonderful July 4th holiday on Thursday!****

*·        The Orientation and Mobility Dog Guide Group, July 20.*

The Lighthouse of the Big Bend, Friday, June 21 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., and
Saturday, June 22 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 3071 **Highland** Oaks
Terrace, ****Tallahassee****. The Dog Guide Group is a supportive,
educational, and social group that meets quarterly (January, April, July,
and October), usually on the third Saturday of the month. It is open to
anyone with a dog guide or anyone interested in learning about dog guides.
Meeting times vary according to the activity planned. Some of the past
activities have included orientation to the new bus stops at Governor's
Square Mall, participation in the White Cane Awareness events at Lake Ella,
going to the Tallahassee Museum, a cook out, traveling as a group between
the Lighthouse and local restaurants, examining new accessible pedestrian
signals, and traveling through Governor's Square Mall and sharing a meal at
Buca Di Beppo! For more information please call or email Evelyn Worley, (850)
942-3658, extension 203 or eworley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. ****

** **

*·        Lighthouse 30th Anniversary Party, August 24.*

The Lighthouse of the Big Bend, Saturday, August 24 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00
p.m. 3071 **Highland** Oaks Terrace, ****Tallahassee****. Please join us to
celebrate the Lighthouse’s 30 years of service to the blind and visually
impaired of the **Big Bend** region. Food and beverages will be served and
entertainment will be on hand. For more information contact Tinetta Cooper
at (850) 942-3658, extension 212 or tcooper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.****

** **

*·        Coping with Vision Loss Group, September 4. *

The Lighthouse of the Big Bend, Wednesday, September 4 from 1:00 to 3:00
p.m. 3071 **Highland** Oaks Terrace, ****Tallahassee****. Are you
interested in meeting other adults who are dealing with the same issues and
problems you are as a result of recent vision loss? You will have the
chance to meet and share with others your hopes and fears and stories and
concerns and jokes and conquests. The group will meet monthly the first
Wednesday of each month. For further information please call or email
Jeanine Kane, (850) 942-3658, extension 215, or via email at
jkane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  ****

* *
*·        50-year anniversary FSU Program in Visual Disabilities, September
18 to 20.*

The Sheraton Hotel on September 18 to 20, at ****316 West Tennessee Street**,
**Tallahassee****. Alumni of the program are invited to make presentations
and participate in this great event. For more information and to send
presentation proposals, contact **Sylvia Perez** at 727-815-0303 or via
email at sperez@xxxxxxxx. ****

* *

*7. SAVE THE DATE: The Ninth Annual Dining in the Dark October 13, 2013. *

Mark your calendars for what has become ****Tallahassee****’s premiere,
multi-sensual dining event: DINING IN THE DARK. This event, which benefits
the Lighthouse of the **Big Bend**, will be on Sunday, October 13 from 5:30
to 8:30 p.m. this year. Please plan to join us at the gracious University
Center Club, FSU Doak Campbell Stadium, **University** **Center**, Building
B, ****Tallahassee****. The event will feature a prix fixe menu with
tickets starting at $60. For table and sponsorship prices or information on
becoming a volunteer for this event, please contact Marianne Salcedo at (850)
942-3658, extension 216, or via email at msalcedo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. ***

*VOLUNTEER ALERT:* On Wednesday, June 26, starting at 5:30 p.m., a large
mailing of Dining in the Dark invitations will be assembled.  Your help is
most welcome! Call Marianne Salcedo at (850) 942-3658 if you are interested
in volunteering. The next meeting of the volunteer Event Committee is July
2 at 6:00 p.m. at the ****Lighthouse** **Center****.****


*8. Lighthouse Fall Classes 2012*
Braille Class: 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

iDevices Technology Class: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Independent Living Class: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Orientation and Mobility 101: Wednesdays, 10:00 to11:30 a.m.

Quarterly Orientation and Mobility with Dog Guides: Saturday, January 19

Strategies for Coping with Vision Loss Group: 1st Wednesday, 1:00 to 3:00

Transition Groups: Every afternoon, times vary by county.

Way to Work, Strategies for Employment Group: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 10:00
a.m. to noon****

*9. Support the Lighthouse*
As most of our readers know, the Lighthouse of the **Big Bend** serves the
blind and visually impaired of an 11-county region through its Early
Intervention Blind Babies Program, youth and teen Transition Program,
Vocational Rehabilitation Program, and Independent Living Programs for
seniors. The Lighthouse is a U.S. 501(c)(3) charitable organization that
relies on donations and charitable grants to continue and improve its work.

Please consider making the Lighthouse one of your top charities this year.
Donations may be made online through the Network for Good at
www.firesight.org/LBBDonations.html. If you have questions please contact
Development Director Marianne Salcedo at
msalcedo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or 850-924-3658,
extension 216. Please know that your donations are greatly appreciated and
are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.****

*10. About the Lighthouse of the Big Bend*
The Lighthouse of the Big Bend provides free services to individuals who
are visually impaired or blind throughout **Franklin**, **Gadsden**, **
Hamilton**, Jefferson, **Lafayette**, **Leon**, **Liberty**, **Madison**,
Suwannee, **Taylor**, and ****Wakulla** **Counties****.****

Address: 3071 **Highland** Oaks Terrace****

Phone: 850-942-3658****

Toll-free: 1-888-827-6063****

Fax: 850-942-4518****

Email: info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  ****

Website: http://www.lighthousebigbend.org   ****

** **

*Lighthouse Board of Directors*

President: **Evelyn Sewell******

Vice President: **Fred Sanguiliano******

Treasurer: **Lynda Breen******

Secretary: Jamie Ito****

*Members: *

Fred F Flink, OD****

Vera Jones****

Ted Judd****

**Jada Michael******

**Sila Miller******

**Jon Peck******

** **

*Lighthouse Staff*

Assistant Director: Evelyn Worley****

Assistive Technology: Elizabeth Bowden****

Client Information Specialist: Tinetta Cooper****

Development Director: Marianne Salcedo****

Early Intervention: Jennifer Crowder, Audrey Robbins****

Executive Director: Barbara Ross****

Independent Living: Jeanine Kane, Toni King, Ashley Hendrix****

Office Manager: **Simone Cunningham******

Specialist Assistant: Mike Worley****

Transition: Amanda Kan, **Angel Scruggs**, ****Tim** Gosline******

Vocational Services: Wayne Warner **Eva McElvy**, Ismael Bermudez****

** **

*FREE SERVICES:* Do you know someone in your life who might benefit from
our services? We would love to help. It’s easy! Just call 942-3658 or email
us info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  Thanks!****

** **

*Lighthouse of the Big Bend “Guiding People Through Vision Loss”***

3071 Highland Oaks Terrace, ****Tallahassee**, **FL** **32301********

(850) 942-3658 - info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx – www.lighthousebigbend.org ****

** **

** **

** ****

** **

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