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Thanks Lynn for asking.
All I can say is what Sendero, the maker of all the navigation systems which
interface with google transit, (by far the majority of the market I believe)
is telling it's customers.  They say it's easy, and every month they
convince more and more cities to supply google with the data so that they in
turn can get it from google transit.    If it's so easy for all of the other
cities to do it (and you only have to go to google transit to see the list
of cities onboard), it's hard to see why Tallahassee would be singled out
for not receiving any cooperation.  I'm also not sure why all of the errors
currently being made by the city is somehow an argument against google
transit, but I guess that's some other discussion.
I urge anyone owning a GPS navigation system which uses the Sendero product
to quote the response from StarMetro, and write the city commission.  You
can also check this out with Sendero either by calling them, or by using
their mailing list, to get info on google transit (and how difficult other
cities seem to find it).


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The skinny is the trip planner will not be a Google product but Star Metro
tried working with Google. Please see Mr. Scheib's response below:
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That writer is not informed.  We spent more than two years trying to get our
system on Google.  You don't just send them some information.  It is
extremely difficult and time consuming although that wasn't the problem.
The problem was that they didn't make it live.  Month after month we waited
for them to activate the system but the only feedback we got was they give
preference to existing customers.  Eventually we got tired of waiting and
made trip planner part of a larger system we are getting.  Rather than being
a separate part, trip planning is a function of the same system we use to
make driver schedules, ride guides, etc.  (by contrast today all of these
things are made separately and independently, resulting in lots of errors.)


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Will the trip planner be a Google product. Someone on another mailing list



think it's a real shame that StarMetro chose to reinvent the wheel with
their own trip planner, rather than send their info to Google, which already
has an accessible trip planning system, and which also happens to interface
with the navigation systems for the blind.


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