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Thanks for the information Lynn! Always good to go to the source. Appreciate it.

On 5/18/11, Lynn Evans <evans-lynn@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The skinny is the trip planner will not be a Google product but Star Metro
> tried working with Google. Please see Mr. Scheib's response below:
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> That writer is not informed.  We spent more than two years trying to get our
> system on Google.  You don't just send them some information.  It is
> extremely difficult and time consuming although that wasn't the problem.
> The problem was that they didn't make it live.  Month after month we waited
> for them to activate the system but the only feedback we got was they give
> preference to existing customers.  Eventually we got tired of waiting and
> made trip planner part of a larger system we are getting.  Rather than being
> a separate part, trip planning is a function of the same system we use to
> make driver schedules, ride guides, etc.  (by contrast today all of these
> things are made separately and independently, resulting in lots of errors.)
> From: Lynn Evans [mailto:evans-lynn@xxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 5:23 PM
> To: Scheib, Samuel
> Subject: trip planner for future web site NOVA 2010
> Will the trip planner be a Google product. Someone on another mailing list
> said:
> Quote
> think it's a real shame that StarMetro chose to reinvent the wheel with
> their own trip planner, rather than send their info to Google, which already
> has an accessible trip planning system, and which also happens to interface
> with the navigation systems for the blind.

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