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Hello, all,

Last week on my way to Oregon I met a gentleman who works for Google and 
expressed interest in our capcha difficulties. he subsequently sent me the 
below email which I originally sent to this list from my work email which is 
not subscribed. Anyhow, here is Chris's message, and I have written to him with 
an apology for not thanking him sooner, as I was waiting to see if any of you 
had input you would like me to pass along.  I am doing all this while flying 
which I still can't get over. 

Best, Sheila

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Best, Sheila 

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It was a real pleasure meeting you yesterday on our flight to Las Vegas.  I 
also enjoyed the company of your dog, Gretchie.  

Thanks for the awesome feedback regarding the audio captcha's.  I wanted to 
give you a quick update.  I sent an email to the Google team that handles this 
and I will have you know that they are taking this seriously.  Within 30 mins 
of my email, I have received 5 different responses.  So far, they are 
considering new ideas to make this a better experience for the blind.  For 
example, they are considering using sounds like a animal sound or a bell and 
have the blind identify types of sounds instead.  Or use a series of beeps and 
count them.   Also, they are looking into having a phone call for security 
purposes, etc.  I am not for sure on the final decision other than they are 
making the adjustments.  Can't promise when, but its in the works.

Either way, I wanted you to know that action has been taken.  Also, I have to 
be honest it gave my goose bumps to know I work for a company that takes every 
customer concern seriously and that you & I may have just changed how the blind 
interact with Google products.  

You have inspired me as well.  Glad I got to know you.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Oregon.

Warmest regards, 

Chris Smith |  Technical Program Manager-MDU |  (650) 762-6499  | 


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