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I received the following information from friends on other lists, but thought it would be of general interest here. I doubt if there are any routes up for KC yet, but hope this fledgling service will continue to grow.
It's a cool idea.


Hello all,

Since there was some question recently about the ClickAndGo Wayfinding Maps technology and service, I thought I would provide a simple explanation.

ClickAndGo Maps has just been launched after a full year of development. I am an O & M instructor myself, and have been for 30 years. The technology we have created is essentially the blind and deafblind travelers "equivalent" to Yahoo or Google Directions. It provides fully accessible walking directions for "both" indoor and outdoor route guidance, and these route narratives are custom-compiled with the blind and deafblind traveler in
mind.  Our website address is: www.clickandgomaps.com

Our technology enables a blind or deafblind user to generate walking directions with Braille or auditory output by selecting a travel location (such as a hotel or university), choosing starting and destination landmarks from easy-to-use drop-down menus, and then clicking "GO." The directions (compiled by an O & M person... at this point, that means myself) are then presented in a clear and detailed narrative, offering already-skilled travelers the specific orientation information they need to walk a desired
route independently.

To give an example, we recently adapted this technology for the ATIA CHicago 2009 conference, held at the Chicago Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center. I compiled 140 routes within the hotel and convention complex, and all of those routes were accessible via our website or via a free phone call, using
voice interactive technology.

We are now negotiating with a host of transportation, university and hotel sites, and have already begun adapting this technology for the University of Minnesota. We will soon begin doing the same for the Minnesota State Academy for the Blind. Unlike GPS devices, our service is free for blind and deafblind users, and requires no special equipment for access. Facilities are charged a licensing fee, and then they are able to expand their database
of routes much like the Wikipedia model.

All routes can be accessed via the website using a screenreader, or via telephone. The call-in feature uses interactive voice response technology, and so route information can be delivered very simply, even by cellphone. All routes can also be easily downloaded from our website to any standard portable storage device and then easily retrieved as they need the route

If anyone is interested in more information, please visit our website, or give me a call at 612-220-6657. We will likely soon be looking for O & M instructors in different regions of the country who are interested in doing
narrative mapping work with us.

Look forward to hearing your feedback on this.

Joe Cioffi

Contact: joecioffi@xxxxxxx

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