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Thought some of you might be interested in reading the below article which 
appeared on the Eyes Free Android list serve.  I have had many people ask me 
what the differences between Android and I-phones are,  this is a good example.


Hello Peter and all,
Thanks; I'll read this.
Meanwhile, today I got an article talking about an IT professor at the
university of Catania (Sicily), who's the father of a blind girl. He has
started developing apps for the blind and visually impaired, also giving
this topic in various forms to his students as degree theses.
Quite a few projects were born out of this experience, and many of the
students continue cooperating with the group even after obtaining their
The projects vary from simple apps to wearables, and the group intend to
maintain all the software open source. They're about to found a
non-profit organisation in order to be able to raise funds to help users
obtain hardware at an affordable cost.
Unfortunately the site is only in Italian at the moment, but if you
people would like to have a look and possibly contact Prof. Massimiliano
Salfi, the site is:
The project is called vEyes, which stands for Virtual Eyes.
It looks extremely promising, and I hope the different people and groups
who are devoting so much time and effort to helping us (and you Peter
are definitely one of them!) would manage to join forces at some stage,
in order to benefit from one another's experience and not duplicate
efforts unnecessaril, though ensuring a variety of products - even
similar products - to chose from.
Warren, when I read this article I had tears in my eyes too...
Because I remembered the story of the Optacon, which was also developed
out of a father's love for his daughter...
Il 27/06/2014 17:54, seeingwithsound ha scritto:
> The subject line is the title of a nice article by Simon Wheatcroft,
> appearing today at the URL
> Regards,
> Peter Meijer


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