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this is nice

I'm glad to be your humble and obedient servant,

Zechen Elder Daniel Ben Moshe,
B'ni Yahshuah Synagogue Of Broward County,
Choose ye this day whom you will serve.  If YHWH be Elohim, then serve him,
with all of your heart.  However, if baal be your god, then serve him.  As
for me, and my house.  We choose to serve YHWH!

The late Bishop Joe O Patterson told a story long ago, when i was a small
child.  about the show down, between Elijah, and the 450 false prophets of
baal. He shared with us how Elijah, stood, and told the false prophets to go
on ahead,and call their god first.   Because they had a much larger program.
He talked about how they had 450 participants to introduce. Elijah was so
sure of YHWH, he with confidence said, that he only had one.  Elijah also
reminded them, that they had to drag their fake god up the mountain side on
an ox cart.  Elijah also announced to the world, that his Elohim would be
there when he arrived.  He said mockingly, you go on ahead.  Heck, I will
even let you have prime time.  I'M going to take a nap, and when you guys
finish your foolishness, wake me up.  Go ahead now, take your best shot.
Bishop Joe O Patterson
A blessed memory



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Save the date!
Saturday, March 5, 2011, from 3-00 PM to 5-00 PM Eastern Time.
Why? Because the ACB Environmental Access Committee wants to hear from you
during our first ever office hours teleconference regarding three vitally
important pedestrian access questions ranging from  
specific problems that you face as a pedestrian with a visual impairment,
solutions to these problems based on your personal experience,  and,
finally, your thoughts regarding effective community based advocacy.
As a participant in this teleconference, you may address any or all of the
questions under discussion. In order to make the best use of our time, each
participant will be allocated three (3) minutes to address the committee.
The questions are provided in this invitation to assist you to prepare for
your presentation. 
When you are called upon to speak, you will be asked for your name, an
e-mail address and, if you feel comfortable providing it on the call, a
telephone number. The Environmental Access Committee may wish to contact you
in order to discuss in more detail something that you raised during the
ACB President, Mitch Pomerantz, will serve as event moderator. The call will
be recorded and scribes will  capture your comments as well.
In order to participate in the Environmental Access Committee's Office Hours
teleconference, please call 218-936-4700, access code, 130132#.
The three questions to be considered during the teleconference follow:
1. As a pedestrian with a visual impairment, what do you consider to be the
greatest danger or impediment to your traveling safely and independently in
your community?  For example, some dangers or impediments may be sidewalk
obstructions, cars parked on or across sidewalks, the placement of trash
cans, the lack of an accessible pathway through or around a construction
site, people loitering at a corner, etc.
2. As a pedestrian with a visual impairment, what specific things do you
feel should be done that would improve safer travel for pedestrians in your
community? Examples may be the installation of accessible pedestrian
signals, the installation of detectable warnings on curb ramps and blended
corners, raised pathways through parking lots that link the public right of
way with a building, the orientation of curb ramps so they are in alignment
with the opposite corner etc.
3. How can local communities address these concerns and how do you see your
role as a citizen in this process? 
The ACB Environmental Access Committee looks forward to your participation
in this process that will enable us to determine the ongoing work of the
committee on behalf of all pedestrians with a visual impairment.
Debbie Grubb:  (FL), Chair
Christopher G. Bell:  (MN)
Tammy Cantrell:  (MS)
Larry Johnson:  (TX)
Eugene Lozano:  (CA)
Kathy Lyons:  (NY)
Pat Sheehan:  (MD)
Eric Bridges, Staff Liaison:  (VA)
Kim Charlson, Officer Liaison:  (MA)


Debbie Grubb


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