[tabi] Re: Fw: comperhensive report of IG's report on DBS attached

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HI Wendy,

I have sent it to the Democrat, Gainesville Sun and Jacksonville times union 
but the more people that send it the better our chances of getting them to 
publish something.

I also think it has been sent to the Sentinel star and Miami Harold.


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  Robert are you going to send this the newspaper or would you like one of us 
to send it.  

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  Thanks Robert for sharing this with all of us.

  I don't know what to say; I think this is inevitable given all the 
outsourcing that's going on from DBS.  There's just too much money being handed 
all around (except maybe to clients), and unfortunately, many people in the 
pipeline get a direct percentage of the money their organization takes in (or 
an indirect percentage).  Money handled like this tempts everyone, which 
includes a lot of unqualified people to come into the system (they're doing it 
for the money, not because it's their calling).

  If you don't think this is the ultimate source of the problem, just contrast 
this to the system where a state bureau chief receives a standardized salary, 
regardless of how much money his bureau handles.  Think about why a group of 
people have hired their own lobbyist to see that they get as much money as 
possible.  I think we'll never be able to clean up the system as long as it 
works like this; money is too difficult to manage, too much of a temptation.  I 
think we need to go back to a system where state employees do this work, and 
they do it in a standardized way, for a standardized salary, across the state, 
and if you as a client have a problem, you have a long chain of command which 
you can work with to get satisfaction.


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    Hi all,

    Thought some of you might be interested in reading the comprehensive report 
from the IG's office on the recent management review on DBS.  It is time to 
take action on this issue.  This is the worse I have ever seen on the miss use 
of the tax payers dollars and in my opinion is embezzlement of funds through 
state contracts.  I strongly encourage you to send copies to your local news 
paper to get the attention of the commissioner of education and the governor so 
it isn't swept under the rug.  I am so up set I am still shaking after reading 
it.  This is another classic example of the lack of concern for blind citizens 
of Florida.

    If you recall from the Town hall meeting at the FCB convention, Mrs. 
Hildreth said she felt the out come of the report  would be positive, well it's 
time for us to get up off our asses and let her know isn't in no way positive 
and we aren't going to allow blind citizens to be treated this way.

    The information in this post is solely my opinion and in no way reflects 
the opinion of FCB.


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