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Hello all: 

Using the word “retargeted” in this day and time is like using the “N word” 
Both are highly offensive to specific groups of people. So in expressing your 
outrage at Roberts situation please choose your words wisely. The people making 
disparaging comments are a far cry from bing intellectually challenged.  They 
are quite aware of what they are writing and their goal is to provoke a 
response and not to move the dialog along in any positive way.  

The White Cane Law is what it is. The blind community needs to promote the 
awareness of the law. Unfortunately the only time the law is brought to the 
public’s attention is the White Cane Day in October and whenever a blind person 
gets knocked down or run over by a vehicle.   

Anyone care to picket the intersection at Village Square for an hour or more. I 
don’t care to do it all by myself. If you let me know the date and time I can 
meet you there. After all there is safety in numbers.  

From: Governor Staten 
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These guys are obviously retarded in some fundamental way. They must think that 
the disabled are somehow not human, or without intellect. Incredible!!

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  Thought I would post the comments to save you all the trouble of finding them 
your self since the site isn't all that friendly.

  Just another agenda just like the bicyclisyts who want to own the roadways. 
Why is
  it that when just one person has a problem or an issue, the whole world has 
to change
  their ways to accommodate them? The white cane law is stupid and dangerous. 
  flowing smoothly suddenly having to stop at a green light because someone 
  a white cane and just walks in to the road is ridiculous!
  Blink Blogger
  I'm Robert's sister, and it's pretty disheartening to see
  the ignorance and lack of understanding displayed in so many comments of
  presumably perfectly sighted individuals! Being blind myself and using a white
  cane instead of a guide dog, I've also had two potentially life threatening
  experiences when crossing at the intersection of Crawfordville Highway and
  Capital Circle because of drivers who didn't even slow down when making a 
  turn on red, much less come to a full stop or "yield the right-of-way"
  (including a dump truck). So I wonder just how many of us will have to be
  seriously injured or even killed before SOMEONE DOES SOMETHING about the
  obvious danger for visually impaired pedestrians!
  Despite being forced to accept a certain level of dependence
  as the result of our blindness, it seems that doing our utmost to maintain as
  much independence as possible when it comes to simply going to the grocery
  store and performing other necessary
  daily activities would be an admirable trait, rather than a matter of such
  ridicule or idiotic commentary. Instead, why doesn't a blind man being nearly
  killed through no fault of his own and because (as the driver himself told the
  police officer) a driver didn't see him (even though he was crossing the 
  in plain view) get the attention of those who have the ability to make changes
  that could literally save someone else from a worse outcome than what happened
  to my brother yesterday? And since both
  Robert and my sister-in-law have previously been hit by cars at the same 
  it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the odds of their 
  safe crossing there are not good.
  So I'll conclude with a few constructive suggestions for our
  state and/or local law makers to consider. First, is the convenience of 
  being able to make a right turn on red worth more than the potential loss of
  life or serious bodily harm it poses to all pedestrians, and even more
  particularly to those who are blind, elderly and otherwise disabled? I don't
  think so. And if even our police officers aren't aware of the White Cane Law,
  along with every driver the reporter asked about it yesterday, we desperately 
  some kind of public service announcements to better inform the public and 
  them to the need to be on the lookout for blind and otherwise disabled 
  Additionally, since NONE of the drivers questioned yesterday (including
  multiple police personnel) were even aware that Florida law requires them to
  come to a full stop AND TO YIELD THE RIGHT-OF-WAY whenever a blind pedestrian 
  a guide dog or white cane is crossing the street (even though that's clearly
  stated in the current Florida Driver Handbook in Sections 5.16.3 and 5.16.4),
  the White Cane Law is obviously given woefully insufficient attention when 
  take the required test to obtain a Florida driver's license. And since my
  brother literally had to fight for the truck driver to be given a ticket,
  perhaps much more serious penalties and fines should be imposed and mandatory
  whenever any driver fails to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians as required
  by the White Cane Law. Finally, since the
  truck driver admitted that he never even saw my brother, I can't help
  wondering if he was texting or reading a text message at the time of the
  incident since I'm not aware of anything that would have obstructed his view. 
  I am personally aware of several serious auto accidents caused by a driver's 
  so perhaps it's time to require that the cell phone records of all drivers
  involved in accidents be examined to determine if they were texting and to
  impose very heavy mandatory fines and penalties if that's the case. After 
  ever sent or received in a text message is worth the potential serious bodily
  harm or death of another person just because a driver isn't paying proper
  attention while driving!
  Steve Montgomery
  As you can see from the post history below that there are most people that 
  what you're saying, and feel bad for what nearly happened to your brother. 
They support
  your view and what you're trying to do. Two avenues for you to consider are 
the news
  stations and the state. If it's important enough to you then you should 
pursue it.
  More laws aren't the answer. Awareness and education can probably do a lot a 
  Most good people will respond favorably to that.
  Sadly, there will always be those who hide behind keyboards and post their 
  Don't let them deter or draw you into the back and forth. That's the only way 
  win. They'll never admit to you that their life essentially sucks. You can 
  assume they have self-esteem issues. They're nothing more than internet 
  It's why you see them hide their names and post the things they do.
  The Idiot
  Hold on a minute, how did this guy know it was a truck, how did he even know 
he was
  almost ran over if he's blind. Im calling BS on this, do we have video from 
the traffic
  cams or something. Now all of a sudden this guy can tell what kind of vehicle 
  hit him. BS
  Mrs Moore
  He could probably hear it.
  Are you deaf?
  The Idiot
  Little hard of hearing from working around heavy machinery, but not enough to 
  a disability or get one of those cool talk to text phones. I just see this as 
  of an agenda piece than an actual story, but to add that the blind guy said a 
  "almost" hit him, hmmmm, could have been a hoopty with a ragged muffler. I 
  did the person passing him, the one that "almost" hit him scream out " I'm 
  a truck!"? Did someone tell him that he almost got ran over by a truck.
  You need to get 'em checked -- I can tell between 4 and 18 wheels literally a 
  mile distant -- and up close can discern 10, not to mention load condition...
  No telling what a guy blind from birth can do.
  The Idiot
  Oh I agree with the semi part, I could hear the low rumble from a concrete 
  from 3 miles out, makes my back hurt just thinking about it, but the truck 
  just kinda fishy
  I know this guy. See him at least two or three times a week. He goes by the 
law and
  never goes over half mile from the house just to get food. I saw a comment 
from a
  guy named the idiot which he is and hope you go through the same thing you 
  The Idiot
  Oh , guess who didn't see the post? The one that matters most, the seeing eye 
  WTH, are you going to run oft and tell him I posted this?
  The Idiot
  Sheesh, I have a feeling you couldn't fit a toothpick up your bunghole with a 
  hammer, oh , btw, i'm reporting you for calling me names, you hurt my 
feelings, my
  mommas crazy and I'm not afraid to tell on you.
  Seems like it would be common sense to stop if a blind person, or anyone for 
  matter, is in the road! Why is a law needed?!
  Quick question: this happened a while ago but I want to know the answer just 
in case
  I see it again. Does anyone know who you report seeing eye dog abuse too? I 
was driving
  down john Knox and this lady had a seeing eye dog. Well traffic was coming so 
  dog didn't go in the street. The woman was yanking on the dog, cussing at it 
  telling it to go. The dog was scared and had his tail between his legs. I 
think she
  might have even hit the dog. How do you report someone for seeing eye dog 
abuse when
  clearly they need the dog? Do you call the cops or the animal cops? And if 
they take
  the dog away...won't she get another?
  Mrs Moore
  Awww that's terrible!! Maybe stop and ask her if she'd rather get ran 
  that's a tough one :(
  I'd have stopped and asked just what the hell she was doing.
  Wish I would have but I was in shock I guess. The dog didn't want her to get 
  by a car
  I think you're supposed to report animal abuse to Animal Control.
  Won't they give her another dog? What if she does the same thing again. There 
  to be some sort of rules.
  I don't know. I honestly never even thought about this before! I always 
  this loving relationship between person and dog. I never even imagined that 
  people were abusing their seeing-eye dogs. Actually the whole story made me 
  humanity even more than I already did!
  The Idiot
  Lets sneak up and swap dogs on her, give her one that chases cars, hahahaha
  This comment almost makes up for the callous remarks you made above. This one 
  me smile. The ones above are just kinda cold. If the story is a slight 
  of the truth, it doesn't really matter, especially if it makes at least one 
  stop and think. I really do like you switching dogs idea, though! :)
  Maybe you can give her a cat....tell her it's the new thing. Or a seeing eye 
  The Idiot
  Seeing eye fish
  Seeing eye tadpole?
  The Idiot
  seeing eye soap on a rope
  The Idiot
  give her a box with a furby in it and a rope to pull it
  Or a dead possum....just as effective.
  The Idiot
  Some people need to be hit, if she was blind you could have done it and she 
  be able to identify you :)
  Terrible. But I have to admit I laughed :)
  The Idiot
  Humor is such a fleeting thing, not everyone gets my twisted tang, you must 
  been abducted by aliens also, usually thats the only ones that get it.
  Impossible Idiot. I have watched many documentaries and black people don't 
get abducted
  by aliens, aliens don't even go to the hood. Last time an alien went to the 
  ET got shot in a driveby and his spaceship got stolen. A few days later the 
  was spotted with rims on it..blasting the new Jay Z album
  The Idiot
  Next time watch where you're going blindy Mc blind guy. :)
  Steve Montgomery
  Change your nic to "a**hole". "The Idiot" doesn't serve you well enough.
  The Idiot
  hey relax Steve, not like blindy can read this, thanks for sticking up for 
him on
  the forum, I just hope you dont trick this guy into thinking youre his 
  Steve Montgomery
  How crappy your life must be that you need to behave this way on a news 
forum. Keyboard
  commando = coward. Good for you. Moving on....
  The Idiot
  What? Guess you feel better picking on me hurting my feelings on the forum, I 
  none of your friends ever mess with you about any of your non perfect 
  I've got friends with no legs and missing digits and have no qualms asking 
for a
  high 4 or making cheaper sock jokes, one pair last twice as long. Ok if this 
  make you feel better, I'll apologize to your pal, ... .... .. .... .... .... 
  . . ... . Will you be my fren now?
  What an awesome doggie!
  Good puppy! Well trained and well worth the investment.
  Can anyone tell the difference between a person walking his dog or a seeing 
eye dog
  doing their job? I know about the white cane law, but to be able to tell the 
  between a seeing eye dog and a dog walking is nearly impossible.
  Maybe if the guy had the cane, it would have been different.
  A person just walking his dog will usually just use a leash. Seeing eye dogs 
  typically be on a U shaped harness.
  Atta boy Sherman! Good dog! Glad you're all OK.
  As to the White Cane Law, I don't know how anyone can expect 30 tons of truck 
  come to a halt in time to prevent tragedy. Kinda like really expecting a 
  intersection to become a four-way stop during a power-failure.
  Not only do I know how, but I expect it too. How about people driving 
vehicles have
  some situational awareness for walkers, joggers, canes, doggies, no power, 
  etc.? Secondly, don't drive at an excessive rate of speed, you're breaking 
the law
  if you do (remember the speed limit is max authorized speed in perfect 
  Third, be in control of your vehicle (if you can't stop in time, you 
weren't). How
  hard is that?
  Steve Montgomery
  It's not an unrealistic expectation. This pedestrian didn't just jump out 
into the
  intersection expecting everyone to come to a quick stop. The solution is 
really very
  simple: EVERYONE needs to slow down, pay attention, be responsible, and be 
  It really is not that hard.
  Gretchen Washington
  Walking around in ritchie rich repubic-an side of town you will hit, they all 
  on cell phone and there fancy cars.
  Seriously... how sad and pathetic is your life? I suppose you have a point, 
in a
  way, though. A person is probably more likely to get hit by a "fancy car" in 
  area versus a hoopty on the South side. The distraction by being on a cell 
  is probably about equal, if not a bit more so on the South side with 
  I won't go into. However, you neglected to mention the much higher likelihood 
  one being gunned down in a drive-by on the South side and in the hoods...
  Jealous much? How about "justification for education" these so called "rich" 
  are not all republicans. They are all from different political backgrounds, 
  and religions. They have educated themselves so they may get the high paying 
  and afford the nice cars on the nice side of town.
  The good news is they generally have money and a decent amount of car 
insurance so
  you -- or your family -- are gonna get paid. Better than what I can say for 
the other
  side of town.
  Aww you are just mad because they are functionally literate and you are not.
  Not likely she's aware of that. She's not aware of much, it appears. It's so 
  it may be an act.
  Just possibly an act. Remember tony? "Steeling jobs"?
  Same same.

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