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I don't usually forweard things to lists but I know some of  you use these 
products and thought you might want to send a letter to Schwans. Sorry it is 
kind of long but I think worth the read.

Sally Benjamin
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This note came to the WCB-L from Debbie Lewis(Cook).  Very disturbing news.  
Schwans has, in the past provided their price lists on cassette.  But if they 
are not interested in our suggestions for product improvement, then I, for one, 
will no longer provide free advertising for them to my clients.  
Carl Jarvis

I've been a good customer of Schwans for about a year now. I think I won't be 
doing business with them anymore though. I received the following email which 
I'm quoting part of below, and then I'll describe my experience. I think people 
with disabilities in general and blind people in particular should be 
interested in this kind of thing.
Here's the relevant part of what I received:

Schwan's Home Service would like to extend an invitation to you to join our 
Customer Advisory Group.  As a participant you will provide valuable 
information used to make important business decisions and directly impact the 
products and services available to all of Schwan's customers. 

Members will provide opinions about once a month on a variety of topics such as 
new product ideas, improving existing products and how to better serve you as a 
Schwan's customer.  Most of the research will be conducted via the internet.

In appreciation of your participation, you will receive valuable coupons 
towards money off your SCHWAN'S® product purchases.  Only a select number of 
customers have been invited to join and Schwan's Home Service would very much 
appreciate your participation. Please act quickly as space is limited. To find 
out more about the Advisory Group, click 

OK. I've used a lot of their products and have opinions. So I read about the 
surveys and the valuable coupons and began to sign up. I answered some profile 
questions and then they asked me if I could see a picture they were showing me. 
I indicated I could not. I then got a statement that said if I could not see 
the product picture I could not participate in the surveys and could not serve 
on the Customer Advisory Panel. I thought I'd copied the statement to the 
clipboard but somehow did not and it won't let me take the survey again to 
capture that. But the bottom-line is that because I could not  see a flash 
movie picture, my opinion about new products and services is not useful  to 
Schwans. So I guess my dollars are not either. 

I'm going to do what I can to make sure that as many people who could be 
impacted learn about this. It's apparently the only way we as blind people can 
vote on the products and services offered by this particular company.

I'd be interested in the experiences of anyone else who has been invited to 
participate in this process. 

I'm not on lots of email lists so you're welcome to share this with anyone you 
think might be interested. I will begin by writing to the firm that manages the 
Customer Service Panel and to Schwans. It would be helpful if Schwans customers 
who are blind let the corporate office know that what we buy is not based on 
pictures in the catalog. 



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