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Thanks Sally; very cool!
Now, if they'd only integrate this into TiVo! (I can schedule recordings
for my tivo through the web, and so can see what's coming up on tv in
the next couple of weeks, but I have to have sighted help to do anything
else other than just playback a show).


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        Thought this was interesting.
        new accessible devices fromCES!




        Subject: [fia-acb] [VICUG-L] new accessible devices from CES!



        show in Las Vegas, NV. One of the technologies blind consumers 
        have been wishing for is an accessible digital TV set top box. 
        Through the work of a firm
        called Ocean Blue Software, such a device may soon be a reality.
        Ocean Blue,
        along with
        ST Micro Electronics,
        makers of chipsets for digital boxes, is exhibiting here in 
        Vegas. The group of us attending CES on the NFB's behalf were 
        able to see a private demo.
        Using pre-recorded BBC content, the box seemed to work well. As 
        channels were changed, the box read out the new program to which

        it was being tuned. The
        speech was clear and human sounding. Information about the 
        program's duration, and special attributes like subtitles or 
        audio description were also announced.
        If one wished, one could enter the set top box's configuration 
        menus to change preferences like toggling the DVS track on and 
        off. The electronic programming
        guide (epg) was also able to be read.
        I am intrigued and fascinated by Ocean Blue's work on this set 
        top box. You can see a demo at
        The company hopes to roll the software out in the US once they 
        find a broadcast partner to include it in their set top box. We 
        in the NFB are working
        with the firm to help this become a reality.
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