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Window-Eyes Phone Training Now Available
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GW Micro is thrilled to announce new training opportunities to Window-Eyes 
customers.  We have received many requests for training, and GW Micro is rising 
to the challenge to meet those needs. 

We will continue to offer our two-day in-depth Window-Eyes classes that provide 
the entire Window-Eyes curriculum, and are held in various places around the 
country.  While those classes are an excellent hands-on training, many 
beginners feel they need individual attention at first, especially in regards 
to the basics, which is what this training focuses on.  Other Window-Eyes 
customers have used Window-Eyes for years without official training, and this 
is the perfect opportunity to hone in your Window-Eyes skills. 

The training is broken up into four sections: 

1.    Getting started with Window-Eyes 
2.    Getting started with Window-Eyes and Microsoft Word 
3.    Getting started with Window-Eyes and the Internet 
4.    Getting started with Window-Eyes and Microsoft Outlook 

Each of the four sections has a part one and a part two, and each part is an 
hour long.  For example, Getting Started with Window-Eyes has two parts; part 1 
and part 2 for a total of two hours.  You may choose to take one or both parts 
of the training. 

The cost is $99 per part.  For example, Getting Started with Window-Eyes has 
two parts, so the cost would be $99 for each part.  However, if you purchase 
both parts of a section at the same time, then you will save $30.  So, if you 
were to purchase part one and part two of Getting Started with Window-Eyes at 
the same time, the price would be $168.  This offer is not available if you 
purchase the two parts at a separate time.  For example, if you purchase part 
one today and then purchase part two next week, you will not get the $30 

What do you get with the training?  You get over-the-phone individual training 
with a GW Micro certified trainer.  There are no long-distance charges because 
the trainer will be calling you.  This is the individual attention that many of 
you have asked for.  There are many times when customers call technical 
support, and feel that they need a quick course in the best way to use 
Window-Eyes for some of the basics.  That option is now available.  Keep in 
mind that the training is not technical support, and there are specific items 
that are intended to be covered in each training session.  This means that this 
is not a custom training, but instead, the training will focus on each topic.  
For information on what each topic covers, check out 

Phone training from GW Micro is the perfect way to get started using 
Window-Eyes, as well as a valuable tool to start using Window-Eyes more 
effectively.  If you wish to have written materials, then you should consider 
the Window-Eyes training class that GW Micro offers in various locations. 

Another convenience of Window-Eyes phone training is availability.  Once you 
have paid for the training, a GW Micro trainer will contact you to setup a time 
for your training.  If you are a busy professional and work during the day, 
then this is the perfect solution for you because we are able to provide phone 
training to customers outside of our normal business hours.  Weekend hours are 
extremely limited, but it is possible to schedule after-business hours 
training.  Flexible hours and individual training are two of the biggest 
advantages to phone training.   

As a special offer, if you are using an old version of Window-Eyes, you will 
receive 15 of your upgrade if you order the upgrade when purchasing training.  
This will save you money, and ensure your training goes smoothly.  This offer 
expires on December 31, 2009. 

GW Micro is proud to be the first screen-reader company to offer phone 
training.  Be one of the first to take advantage of this training program.  We 
anticipate a high demand, so training will be provided on a first-come, first 
served basis.  Phone training is currently only available in the United States. 

To order, call GW Micro at (260) 489-3671, and press the option for our Orders 
Department.  For more information, contact Fred Wurtzel at (260) 489-3671, ext. 
602 or via email at fred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Or, contact Jeremy Curry at 
(260) 489-3671, ext, 210 or via email at jeremy@xxxxxxxxxxxx  Don't forget to 
check out our Window-Eyes training classes, as well as our Window-Eyes Script 
Writing classes at www.gwmicro.com/training. 

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