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Window-Eyes 8.0 Now Available!
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Fort Wayne, Indiana (December 5, 2012) - GW Micro, Inc. (www.gwmicro.com) is 
proud to announce the release of Window-Eyes 8.0!

The new version of Window-Eyes enables people who are blind or visually 
impaired to browse the web in a whole new way with automatic Browse mode, 
support for web 2.0 technologies, such as Accessible Rich Internet Applications 
(ARIA), and a new set of intuitive hotkeys for a simplified web browsing 
experience.  In addition, Window-Eyes customers can now show their sighted 
peers exactly where they are on a website by routing the mouse pointer to the 
current web page element.  Being able to route the mouse to any web page 
element will also prove beneficial when a website has limited keyboard access 
and requires the use of the mouse to click on various buttons or links.

Users of other popular screen readers will now be able to easily make the 
switch to Window-Eyes and harness the power of version 8.0 thanks to the new 
Insert Key keyboard layout.  The Insert Key keyboard layout provides a familiar 
and consistent set of keystrokes for users of other screen readers and helps 
eliminate the learning curve for new users of Window-Eyes.  Customers can 
easily select the new Insert Key keyboard layout using the Quick Start Wizard, 
which makes the setup process fast and simple.

Are you using Windows 8 or plan on purchasing a new computer soon? If so, then 
Window-Eyes 8.0 is a tool that you need in your hands!  Window-Eyes 8.0 
supports Windows 8 and makes navigating the new Windows 8 Start screen 
effortless with enhanced navigation support that beats the competition 

Support for the JAVA Access Bridge has also been added in Window-Eyes 8 
enabling a higher level of interaction with JAVA based programs and web 
applications that properly implement accessibility.

If you are in the IT field or provide computer repair services, then you will 
love the newly added support for Windows Safe Mode.  You no longer need to 
worry about Safe Mode being inaccessible with the power of Window-Eyes 8.0. 

Additionally, Window-Eyes Mobile can now be used to access any computer without 
the need for administrative rights.  This means you can walk up to any 
computer, insert your USB flash drive with Window-Eyes Mobile and gain 
immediate speech access to the system.

Have you ever had a sighted friend or family member mute your computer’s volume 
leading to you being stuck without speech?  If so, this next feature of 
Window-Eyes 8 is for you!  Window-Eyes can now unmute your computer with the 
press of a keystroke.  With Window-Eyes 8.0, you will no longer need sighted 
assistance to unmute the computer and bring back your speech!

Email messages are becoming more difficult to read with a screen reader because 
many authors are now using both graphical content and complex formatting.  
Window-Eyes 8.0 includes a number of email support enhancements in Microsoft 
Outlook including message virtualization.  Message virtualization allows 
customers to quickly read complex HTML messages that formerly had to be opened 
in a web browser.  This makes reading any email in Outlook fast and accurate 
without the need for additional steps.

The highly acclaimed Window-Eyes Remote Assistance utility now supports file 
transfers and Windows clipboard functions between connected computers. Both of 
these helpful new features make providing support and training with Window-Eyes 
Remote Assistance even more powerful and interactive.

Last but not least, Window-Eyes 8.0 will also allow customers to use several 
new human-sounding voices.  Specifically, all new copies of Window-Eyes 8.0 
purchased by US customers will automatically include the high-quality Vocalizer 
US English voices (UK English voices are available instead of US English upon 

For our current US customers who are upgrading to Window-Eyes 8, all English 
Vocalizer voices will be available for purchase at the discounted price of only 
$39 until Friday, February 1, 2013. In addition to English, many other popular 
languages such as Spanish, French and German are also available for purchase.  
After February 1, the cost for additional Vocalizer languages will revert to 
the normal price of $59. US customers also have the option of purchasing all 
Vocalizer languages for $95. For customers outside the US, contact your local 
GW Micro dealer for Vocalizer pricing and ordering information.  Please note 
that the Vocalizer voices sold by GW Micro are only compatible with Window-Eyes.

Order your copy of Window-Eyes 8.0 today to take advantage of all of these 
innovative features and new Vocalizer voices!  Customers in the US, please call 
GW Micro at (260) 489-3671 or your local dealer to order Window-Eyes 8.  If you 
already own Window-Eyes and have registered your license with GW Micro, you can 
order your upgrade to Window-Eyes 8 online at: 
https://www.gwmicro.com/Catalog/Upgrades/.  Non-US customers, please contact 
your GW Micro dealer for ordering information and for updates on the 
localization of Window-Eyes 8.  To find a GW Micro dealer in your area, please 
visit: http://www.gwmicro.com/Find_a_Dealer/.

The GW Micro Team

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