[tabi] Fw: Window-Eyes 7.2 is Now Available!

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Window-Eyes 7.2 is Now Available!    
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GW Micro is proud to present Window-Eyes 7.2. Continuing on the success of 
previous versions, Window-Eyes 7.2 maintains the highest expected standard of 
stability, performance, reliability, and security. Window-Eyes 7.2 features 
full support for Microsoft Office 2010. In addition, Window-Eyes 7.2 boasts 
several performance enhancements including faster load time, faster list view 
navigation, integration of the Eloquence performance patch, plus several other 
stability improvements. Read more about the additional features and 
enhancements that Window-Eyes 7.2 offers at 

If you own a copy of Window-Eyes 7.0, Window-Eyes 7.01, Window-Eyes 7.1, or 
Window-Eyes 7.11, you may download an upgrade to Window-Eyes 7.2 for FREE. To 
get started, either select the Window-Eyes Update option from the Help menu in 
the Window-Eyes control panel, or open a web browser and navigate to 
http://www.gwmicro.com/upgrade. Enter your serial number in the edit box 
provided, then select the Check for Upgrades button. 

If you prefer to obtain a CD version of Window-Eyes 7.2 for $20 (free shipping 
with US postal mail), you may do so by contacting our order department at 
260-489-3671, or via email at orders@xxxxxxxxxxxx

All Retail, Dongle, Everlock, Payment Plan, Evaluation, and Beta versions of 
Window-Eyes 7.0, 7.01, 7.1, and 7.11 (for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating 
systems) can be upgraded to Window-Eyes 7.2.

If you do not own a current version of Window-Eyes, and are interested in 
upgrading, refer to the pricing information available at 


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