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     I have to confess that I've been doing a great deal of thinking about this 
latest announcement from GW Micro and Microsoft.  Of course, I'm pleased about 
this and I think it will produce great results for consumers, even though it 
will turn the industry on its head.  Like most of us in the field, I wanted to 
know the deeper picture, the why behind the what, and we certainly won't know 
very much of that, at least right now.  However, after listening to the 
majority of the recent press conference, I've been trying to connect the dots 
and I have a reasonable guess as to what we're going to be seeing in the next 
six to eight months.  At this point, I want to stress that my predictions are 
not, in any way, based on insider information or on second-hand rumors.  If I 
happen to be wrong, I don't want any organizations contacting me, accusing me 
of slander or starting rumors, as this is not my intent.  If I happen to be 
right, what I'm about to write is just a set of reasonable conclusions and 
nothing more.  I'm just a user of a.t. technology, coming up with what I think 
is a pretty good guess as to what may be happening behind the scenes, in much 
the same way that writers of mainstream tech magazines write analyses of 
product announcements in an attempt to predict future trends or other 
  First, let's examine some intriguing comments made during the press 
conference.  A questioner asked several things: how does giving away the 
flagship product affect GW Micro, if GW Micro was getting something from 
Microsoft, as well as whether GW Micro might be steering toward being a 
nonprofit company.  The response was, and I'm paraphrasing, that these are good 
questions and we'll have a better indication of the answers in six months.  Dan 
Wehrich (sp) also implied that this partnership allowed GW Micro to do this.
  During another response, Dan said that GW Micro doesn't make screen readers 
for phones but said that they would be open to other possibilities, or words to 
that effect.  Examining these responses, here's what I think is happening 
behind the scenes.
  1.  GW Micro is indeed being paid by Microsoft.
  2.  GW Micro is working on a new screen reader, a version of Window-eyes 
specifically designed for the Windows Phone operating system.
  3.  JAWS is likely dominating the market when it comes to screen reader 
usage.  If my last statement is correct, GW Micro can now afford to give away 
their flagship product, if they indeed are being presented with a very 
comfortable financial cushion from one of the most stable and richest software 
giants on the planet.  This move places a rather bright spotlight on GW Micro, 
allowing their user base to grow at a much larger rate without having them 
become bankrupt in the process. They'll also be able to make up for some of the 
losses by offering support and extra synthesizers.

  4.  Window-eyes for Windows Phone will be released in six to eight months.  
It will either be free or extremely affordable, but likely it will cost users 
nothing.  If there is a cost, Microsoft may set up a system, allowing blind 
consumers to buy specific phones for them, in exchange for a free copy of 
Window-eyes for their phone.

  5.  As I've indicated in a previous message, Freedom Scientific will attempt 
to compete but won't do it in precisely the same way, as I think they will 
resist giving the full JAWS package away at no cost.  They will either produce 
a lighter, stripped-down version for free or for a reduced cost or they will 
implement a subscription service, allowing users to essentially rent the 
software on a monthly or annual basis.

  My thoughts on this have nothing to do with whether I like JAWS less than 
Window-eyes or whether I prefer window-eyes over JAWS. However, I think this is 
a reasonable, if not likely scenario. David Andrews correctly summarized the 
state of Microsoft's accessibility initiatives in a previous message.  They're 
improving with Narrator and their accessibility helpline is getting rave 
reviews and high praise, but they're still struggling.  I believe that this 
partnership we're seeing is Microsoft's way of branching out, tapping into some 
additional resources to add even more accessibility into their products.  They 
certainly know that it's needed for windows Phone.  My final prediction is that 
we're going to see some major restructuring going on at GW Micro, perhaps 
something as radical as them becoming the official accessibility arm or hub of 

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