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    After nearly 6 years of working with GW Micro, HIMS Co,  Ltd., the Korean 
based manufacturer of the Braille Sense, Voice Sense, BookSense and SenseView 
products made the decision to restructure their sales strategy and open their 
own US office. As a result, GW Micro will no longer be national distributors 
for these products and within a few weeks will end our nationwide technical 
support, related email lists and repair service operations.

GW Micro worked very hard to improve these products during these past several 
years and we greatly appreciate the support of our customers. Your feedback 
helped make these products what they are today. In the same way we continue to 
devote our time and efforts to the development and support of our flagship 
product, Window-Eyes, with the primary goal of it being the most powerful, 
secure, stable and affordable screen reader in the world!

If you have specific questions about this announcement please email 

Robert Acosta, President
Helping Hands for the Blind
Email: boacosta@xxxxxxxxxxx
Web Site: www.helpinghands4theblind.org

You can assist Helping Hands for the Blind by donating your used computers to 
us. If you have a blind friend in need of a computer, please mail us at the 
above address.


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