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Hi all,
some time ago I wrote an application for MS Word, which would produce a
printed CD label using Avery CD labels, with barcodes on them which could be
read by barcode readers such as the IDMate.  The idea was that it would
provide a CD labeling system which could be useful to both blind and sighted
users, and for the blind user, no knowledge of braille was necessary.
In developing it, I exchanged a number of emails with the company who sells
IDMate.  I'm reasonably sure in our discussions, one of the things they
mentioned to me is that even back then, they sold pre-printed clothing
labels, with barcodes on them, which were washable.
So, if you have  any barcode reader already, you may want to check with the
company who produces the IDMate (sorry I can't recall their name)  before
buying an I-phone and this app, just to have your clothes identified.


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            Dallas, Texas August 19, 2010 -- Digital Miracles, L. L. C.,
announced today that washable audio labels are now available for sale on its
website.  The labels are read by the Digit-Eyes app for the iPhone and
enable people without vision to permanently label clothing and to record
detailed information about the garment that is played back when they scan
the label again with the app on their iPhone.

The company announced that it also now offers pre-printed audio labels as a
convenience for customers who don't have access to a printer or who just
prefer that someone else do the printing.

"Our customers let us know that identifying clothing is one of their most
important labeling needs," reports Nancy Miracle, President. "With the
introduction of our soft, washable, bleachable and dryable labels, laundry
becomes a snap and confusion in the closet a thing of the past.  A number of
our customers also told us that they don't have access to a printer or
simply prefer the convenience of buying pre-printed labels.  Now, we have
both types of labels available for sale."

The standard self-adhesive QR (Quick Response) Digit-Eyes barcode labels are
perfect for temporary labels, or labeling items that will stay dry such as
folders, CDs, and containers. The sturdy washable QR Digit-Eyes barcode
labels were specifically created for garments and can be permanently
attached to clothing.

"I've been waiting for these, too," says Davey Hulse, VP of Marketing.
"Ever since I heard about the Digit-Eyes concept and got my iPhone, I've
been chomping at the bit to get these labels figured out. I can't wait to
grab my iPhone and my clothes and ask my wife to help me record audio notes
about them. No more chasing around in the morning, asking: 'Does this shirt
go with these pants?' From now on it's going to be really cool to be

More information:  www.digit-eyes.com <http://www.digit-eyes.com/> .

About Digit-Eyes:
Digit-Eyes is a project of Digital Miracles, L.L.C.  The project focuses on
developing inexpensive solutions for the visually-impaired that employ
mainstream products and mainstream platforms.  The Digit-Eyes software
application for the iPhone is available at the Apple App Store.

About Digital Miracles, L.L.C.
Digital Miracles provides intellectual property design and analysis
services, focusing on the design, development and deployment of custom

Contact:  Davey Hulse
(503) 559-3787

www.digit-eyes.com <http://www.digit-eyes.com/> 

Apple, the Apple logo, iPod and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc,
registered in the U.S. and other countries.  iPhone is a trademart of Apple,

QR Code R is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED in JAPAN and
other countries.
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Robert Acosta, President
Helping Hands for the Blind
Email: boacosta@xxxxxxxxxxx
Web Site: www.helpinghands4theblind.org
You can assist Helping Hands for the Blind by donating your used computers
to us. If you have a blind friend in need of a computer, please mail us at
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